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Kids Lunches

Fruit Cars & Veggie Boats Snacks For Kids (After School) || KIN PARENTS

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  1. I love this video! 

  2. I think tomatoes belong to berries.

  3. beautiful!

  4. Thanks this is awesome I just made a bunch for my lil brother cuz he loves

  5. UltimateGrobanite

    This is cool but ain’t nobody got time for that!

  6. My mother always told me not to play with my food…

  7. Aren’t tomatoes fruit though? I liked it. It was cute.

  8. I would. I would eat that so fast.

  9. The cars are definitely adorable, but I’ve thought of that kind of thing
    before – when the boats showed up though I literally squealed. Love these!!

  10. the car makes sense but who would eat a half of a tomato and a slice of
    cucumber.. let alone a kid.

  11. i like this *_*

  12. put a bit of lemon juice on the apples so they dont brown 😀 loooks great

  13. Vroom! and Ahoy! Cute!

  14. to replace the squash, I think orange or banana can be the boat too.

  15. Can you replace the squash with cucumber? Because I plan on making these
    for myself and I am not a big fan of squash. 😛 <3

  16. threemuskateersrme

    Kin, I love you guys! The things you create are just amazing!

  17. Love the song and those are cute ideas to make vegetables fun for kids

  18. Awesome ideas!

  19. my kids don’t like squash or tomatoes. instead of squash, can i use
    cucumber? and, do you have a suggestion for a tomato replacement?

  20. Those some funny looking grapes! But..yuum.

  21. A culinary engineering feat of its own! 😀

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