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Kids Lunches

Fruit Wands – Fun Snacks for Kids – Weelicious

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  1. Where can you buy the sticks?

  2. My favorite birthday party recipe #VIDEO
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  3. Love the wands. Great idea might need to use them for my daughter party x 

  4. he is so adorable <3 great idea!

  5. Lol chicken

  6. Very colorful and healthy snack

  7. did I miss something.:.kids sneezing all over food and mommy just says
    bless u. how about , put your hand over your mouth and sneeze away from
    food..sorry , like the food idea, wouldn’t touch that segment with 50 ft

  8. Beautiful & tasty :)

  9. My favorite birthday party recipe #VIDEO
    #birthdayparty #birthdayrecipes #fruit #fruitwands #easyrecipes

  10. he is soooo cute!!!

  11. that’s cool

  12. iloveryanandpatricia

    “Ohh mommy”…..lol!!!

  13. I love the idea of turning the watermelons into little balls. I always
    thought of making it “cubed”

  14. I made these with my friends! And then I made

  15. U guys r sooo cute! Love you from Australia!

  16. How old is kennya

  17. Carries Kiddie Closet


  18. Thank you for this great idea…I’m thinking this will be great for my
    son’s kindergarten class for snacks to bring 😀

  19. Oh yum! I’ll add it to the list!

  20. Thanks so much for watching!

  21. Thank you!

  22. Woops didn’t finish my sentence haha

  23. lol, i love how he sneezed on the food xDDDD

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