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What do Girls Prefer in Lunch Boxes

Ever wondered if girls and boys have different preferences for what to put in their daily lunch boxes? Well, they do have. It turns out that girls have little or no problem at all eating fresh fruit and veggies, and even delicacies and specialties such as sushi, unlike boys who are more into simple recipes that will keep them energized throughout the day.

Of course, any parent can use these recipes, no matter if they are for boys and girls. Who knows, maybe some boys will love these delicious every day school treats! These recipes are fully nut-free, just in case your child is allergic to some type of nuts.

The first idea on our list is food on sticks. This is the perfect way to include some protein plus vegetables in your child’s lunch. You can add beef skewers, chicken satays, grilled sausages, rice, sliced mango and cucumbers and in the end, pretzels covered with fresh Greek yogurt. This is the perfect treat for your loved ones, it is low in calories but delicious and healthy at the same time. Just remember not to add fried meat, instead of them, always go for roasted or boiled chicken.

Quesadillas are second on our list. This is a delicious meal that is extremely popular among children and students, too! There is no need to add some hot sauce- quesadillas are always yummy. You can pack the quesadillas with a few slices of fresh avocado or guacamole, pineapple slices and pumpkin seeds, jicama sticks, or if you want to do a little treat for your child, go for homemade tortilla chips.

Spring rolls- the third delicious treat on our list of lunch boxes. The rice wrappers are the perfect treat for children, because they are delicious, healthy and yet it will make them feel full and they won’t feel like eating again in a while. We suggest you try making spring rolls with tofu or shrimp instead of pork, or if you want to do lighter spring rolls, go fully vegetarian and add cucumbers and carrots. Pack them alongside cubed cheese, peppers (red bell are our favorite kind), some blueberries, pineapple etc.

Meat roll-ups with some ham, deli turkey or roasted beef with some fresh cheese is a delicious treat for your child! Turns out girls love cheese sticks more than boys, so you can try adding some fresh cheese sticks to your deli roll-ups. Place some pretzels (with cream cheese), celery, apple slices (with some cinnamon sprinkled on top) or coconut oil for a unique scent- plus it is particularly healthy, so you won’t make a mistake, that’s for sure.

Vegetable sushi is another perfect treat for your child. You can use some of the leftover rice and do a vegetarian sushi, by adding some carrots, celery or cucumber. We also suggest to try and make salmon sushi, and add some edamame, sweet and sour sauce (if your child likes it!) or some fresh raspberries, which go perfectly with vegetable sushi.

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