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Grilled Veggie Panini Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 392

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  1. I have to try this sandwich one day.

  2. some lucky guy has her in his arms every night. I will be in my room
    crying. :,-(

  3. me my wife :D

  4. I have a newly found love for grilled zucchini <3 

  5. Omg.. she’s so funny! She talks with her food (7:30) before she eats them!
    And then she’s gonna promise to marry the sandwich? :S

  6. i’m def subscribing
    love the way you spoke to your Panini @ 7:30

  7. that sounded crunchy as hell!

  8. Can i use a frying pan in replacement for the grill pan? 

  9. …Greenes…

  10. Just made this but I added some sundried as well it was really good

  11. Could you make more dishes for vegetarians? 

  12. m badly salivating

  13. mmmmmmmmmm…….so good jeeeeeee :)

  14. Could you make more dishes for vegetarians? 

  15. Vishala Rambharose

    She`s talking to her food o.O

  16. Lovin tr recipes laura, keep going..

  17. U r soooooooo sweettttttttttttttttttttt Laura :P

  18. Can you make a stuffed green pepper covered in bacon slices???

  19. Some boom ting ;)

  20. Is it okay to put shredded cheese or will melt and the whole sandwich taste
    like cheese and can’t taste anything else

  21. yay go sf! i should’ve seen where you went and maybe could’ve met you!

  22. are those green lens or is that just your eyes?

  23. pretty woman

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