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Kids Lunches

Healthy Back to School Lunches + After School snack ideas!

You may like this as well:  Easy Lunchboxes: 20 non-sandwich lunch box ideas for school or work.


  1. I don’t find any good reason why she has almost 7m subscribers, those
    videos are normal and I think all girls are doing these stuff.. So I dont
    find anything special.. Well she makes an effort working on the videos…
    but there are many girls out there who have channels but nobody cares of

  2. How am I supposed to keep my drink and yogurt cold? I tried bringing yogurt
    one day and it was spoiled by the time I sat down for lunch. Please give a
    quick and fast tip on how to make like a small lunch kit cooler or
    something! :)

  3. We cannot bring nuts to school

  4. I hate green grapes too idk why but they just never agree with me purple
    grapes are da bomb❤️

  5. Why is it that the American target is like way better than the ones in

  6. The “bean salad”….. are the beans cooked, or from a can? Im really
    confused about it.

  7. I’m a vegetarian, would the turkey lettuce wrap be just as good without the

  8. Wouldn’t it be cool if she vlogged in school? Like we got to see her in
    school being a student?

  9. What is hummus?

  10. Alexandra Hodgson

    Is zucchini like cucumber? Soz if this is a stupid question! Lol!

  11. I don’t like purple grapes I only like green grapes

  12. Who else remembers the beginning song from I carly?

  13. Andrea Gasperlmair

    I think, this meals are more or less for people who have a long day and
    must lunch in school. Thank god i have school from 8am-1pm

  14. Where did u get those lunchboxes from ?

  15. What is h20?

  16. Who is watching this because your hungry but, never try to make it?

  17. menesha jeanbaptiste

    I luv the pasta lunch a lot and luv your style

  18. My favorite was the turkey wrap!!!! and where do you get those boxes?
    because I’m not from there and I have no idea of where to get them :(

  19. My fafret on on the snack is turkey rap

  20. Am I the only one who watches this video 100000000 times???

  21. The pasta dish was the best


  23. Yumy pasda

  24. My fav was lunch #2 and I totally hate green grapes too!! They’re just soo

  25. Hi bethany I watch your video every day your the best

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