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Kids Lunches

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 3 Easy Recipes ♡

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  1. I love her videos because somehow I feel like she is directly talking to ME
    only MEE

  2. Tutorial on this look! You look great

  3. did she just pour eggs from a carton box?!

  4. The sweet potato recipe would be great for lunch and dinner as well! It
    looks so yummy!

  5. Too bad my country sells berries at ridiculous prices 🙁 so i cant buy them

  6. Chef skills on point! Love love cooking videos! and u! 🙂
    PS. THAT HAIR. Can’t wait for the tutorial!

  7. i love this! you’re personality is on point

  8. potatoes for breakfast?? umm whut?? 


  10. I totally appreciate this! For some reason, breakfast is always the hardest
    meal to come up with…it’s weird…

  11. the ACAI is supposed to have more of a ice cream consistency rather than a

  12. what does quinoa taste like? I really want to get some but if I hate the
    flavor my mom is going to get really irritated that she bought something
    I’m not going to finish!

  13. You look like a princess!!! I love you!!! 

  14. OMG pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make a DIY hairstyle on how you did your hair in
    this video!!!

  15. carton eggs…healthy :/

  16. so if your grain free why do you it quinoa?

  17. That One Cali Girl

    have you done or will you do a hair tutorial on the hair you are wearing i
    love it so much!!!! :)

  18. HealthyGroceryGirl

    Cute hair! Yummy recipes too! Spiced chai quinoa sounds soooo delicious :)

  19. I think your recipes are my favorite! They are super easy and affordable
    but also really healthy and tasty looking!

  20. That necklace is gorgeous!!! And how did you do that beautiful hairstyle???

  21. Has anyone tried any of these recipes? Specifically the first one? is it

  22. I love your hairdo! And all these look delish! :D

  23. +Meghan Rienks Loove this video!! Defs going to try all of these, can you
    do a healthy lunch/dinner recipes video too? 🙂 xo

  24. I Got scared when she opened the potato, orange? Really? o.o

  25. I also love how some videos are vegan

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