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Kids Lunches

Healthy food and Junk food for preschool children and kindergarten kids

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  1. Some of this is biologically incorrect.
    Chocolate is actually an incredibly good source of nutrition in a balanced

    Pizza (depending on topping) which is also incredibly good for
    carbohydrates and protein, should not be undermined and shamed as junk
    food. Obviously on a very regular basis, it is unhealthy, but food needs to
    be taken in proportion. Fish every day is extremely unhealthy.
    Stop food shaming.

    Should you not instead target processed and chemical foods which are
    increasing cancer risks? This is far too generic.

  2. Good resolution. All the best!

  3. This is creepy

  4. nooooo not that

  5. WHAT!!!!!!popcorn is healthy.

  6. youwilldieforlife29

    Ice Cream has milk in it.

  7. ThoseSevenAwesomeDays almost

    hello, im sorry to say but you have got your facts messed up. What you
    called healthy food is unhealthy as my resarch with the university of food
    shows that fruits and stuff can kill you! eat mcdonalds 24/7 whoo hooo

  8. Im starting a diet starting from now!!! :)

  9. im gonna cut down on choclate im gonna eat it once or twice a week startin
    from nooow

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