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Kids Lunches

Healthy Food for Children: How To Make Veggie Nuggets – Weelicious

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  1. I’m making this… But IM NOT SHARING!! MAUHAHAAH

  2. LOVE iT!!!l

  3. But i didn’t use flour.

  4. Kids?! I am 27 almost 28 and I am definitely going to try this: and I’m
    sure I’ll adore it!! xD Thank you so much for such helpful,practical and
    cheering videos ^^

  5. I made the nuggets and their great.;)

  6. I think this was a brilliant recipe! And i absolutely agree with you – kids
    love nuggets. As a matter of fact, they love anything that is crumbed!

  7. No words to say…..u r awsom 

  8. Great video! I have two kids, so I love to see healthy homemade recipe’s
    for them, I will definitely be trying these! X

  9. No offense but these weren’t as tasty as I thought they’d be. I think I
    wanted some cheese!

  10. How do u cook those nuggets again? I didnt manage to catch that

  11. Thanks so much! My baby cousin love this!! P.S.He hates vegetables so much
    Hey, can I use a blender instead of the food thingee?
    Can I also put cheese in it?

  12. Looks frozen

  13. chicken nuggets like macdonalds yay 

  14. Good stuff

  15. Yeah, what’s a vegan substitute for eggs?

  16. Would be great if you add cheese

  17. 2 things. 1, can i use a blender instead of a food processor? 2. I’m vegan,
    what can I use instead of eggs? Thank you :)

  18. This is such a cool idea , thanks so much for your time and video xoxo’s

  19. My mum likes to make yummy food like just like u :D

  20. I’m gonna make these and add some peas along with the other veggies and add
    some cheese

  21. U r so pretty in every video

  22. Give me the twenty dollars

  23. They look so yummy! Can’t stop seeing more videos!

  24. can you pls make a veggie smpothie

  25. Love this!! I need to try this!!

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