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Kids Lunches

Healthy Lunch Ideas for School ♡ Quick + Easy! 2014

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  1. Loved this so much! *YouTube friends anyone?? xx* P.S: I sub back <3

  2. not trying to be rude but it seems like everyone youtuber is copying off of
    each others ideas. 

  3. I recently subscribed to you about a month ago & can I say you have gave me
    so many ideas that I want to try, I can’t wait to do them. I love your
    videos. I’m so happy I found your channel

  4. i feel like beyoncé watching this video under the 301 views lol, ily

  5. Definitely going to make the chipotle one!! By the way, will you be posting
    the winner on Instagram? Just wondering :)

  6. A N Y O N E Want to be YouTube Besties? I make fashion and beauty videos! 

  7. Hi, loves! Here’s a quick video on a couple healthy lunches you can make
    for school plus some of my favorite snacks. P.S. be on the lookout for fall
    videos starting VERY soon 🙂 Tell me what your favorite healthy lunch to
    take to school is in the comments and I’ll be replying!

  8. hey what do use to edit ur vids? and what camera do u use? :)) 

  9. o my god that sweater is gourgous can someone tell me where its from?

  10. Ilysm

  11. what is your snapchat this is 2nd video i watched from u and in the video
    i was watching(whats on my iphone 5s) u said u love getting our
    snapchat.P.S i love u

  12. yay a new vid! 

  13. I’ve entered all your giveaways since your first one and I never one even
    one!! I never win anything! I’m bad luck!!

  14. yummy! 🙂 That’s looks so delicious Aleeza!
    your friend, Nina 

  15. Who won your giveaway

  16. ilysm btw who won ur bts giveaways? 

  17. I love u so much!!! I also loveeeee corn!!! I cant wait for fall videos ;)


  19. Everyday Girl〈3

    I love it I’m so going to try these out sometime love your channel love you
    I also have an instagram dedicated to you your an amazing romodel well Bye

  20. Great job with filming and editing! Everything looks so yummy! I definitely
    want to try out the rice dish! I’m tired of spending so much money at


  21. Hannah Williamson

    You should do more Healthy lunch ideas. (:

  22. I’m doing this for my school lunch!! This looks so good

  23. Loving these ideas!<3

  24. what song is that in the begining?!

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