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Kids Lunches

Healthy Lunch Recipes That Kids Can Make – Food & Home – ModernMom

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  1. That girl was too scared to spit that out! I fucking hate when people have
    their kids like they’re in a army! Horrible 

  2. I swear she hates that raspberries

  3. When the little girl ate the raspberry it looked like it was really sour
    and she didn’t like it.
    Or was that just me?

  4. fuck dis

  5. Looks like that girl hates the raspberry! 

  6. I like the kid unlike most people but I don’t like the lady. She treats the
    girl like a 4-year-old when she’s like 10

  7. The chopsticks were adorable

  8. The little girl is super annoying to me and I dunno why

  9. KeyBoardWarriors Gamingandmore

    ok enriched rice is bad you idotic flaw

  10. Why Is the camera so far away ???

  11. boring

  12. I like it how she is not shy :)

  13. Yeah she hates that raspberry you can see it in her face

  14. what the heck is wrong with that girls teeth!!!

  15. lmao that girl deff. did not like that raspberry n i could have sworn you
    said she gets to make it herself smh lol

  16. butterflylesliebaby

    Has anyone tried this? If so, does it taste good?

  17. WIGLY SQUIGLY!!!!!!

  18. i can use chopsticks with 2 sticks and without hte supporter

  19. Delicious way to incoroporate carrots into a healthy meal! For more fun
    ideas on how to include carrotts, and other veggies into your kids lunches
    check out hiddenvalleyveggies!!

  20. my dad used to make me lunch and just gave healthy options and I would
    choose and he would make if it involved a stove. This girl doesn’t have
    much freedom here though.

  21. Sam Grossman Gerlach

    teach the kid to cook the rice

  22. My…mouth is…stuck….smiling….can’t…stop..smiling..

  23. lol it made me laugh because it was over a year and had forgot what I even
    said….so thanks for that. haha

  24. alrieght coewgurl

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