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Kids Lunches

Healthy & Quick Back to School Lunch Ideas 2014!

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  1. homemade hummus

  2. This is way to healthy for me I’m a fattie haha!

  3. Omg the bunny eggs are beyond adorable! Your videos are always filled cute,
    quirky, and clever ideas!

  4. This video made me super hungry. I’ve been totally rooting (and voting) for
    you in the NYX Face Awards! 🙂 I hope you win!

  5. Looks so gooood —— Making me so hungry at midnight = = Thanks for the
    ideas ! Big help !!

  6. Thought I was the only one who eats cucumbers with everything 

  7. great video thanks for the lunch ideas!

  8. Like if you watch in 2015

  9. This is my first video, I watched from your channel, and I thought to
    myself, “YEP… She’s a great Youtuber‼️”

  10. You stuffed your sandwich with a lotta turkey, most people just put 2/3

  11. Thought I was the only one who used potato bread! cx

  12. magaret nat Jeffrey

    If your break time is about 2 to 3 hours after your school period I would
    notate cucumbers cause they get spoilt really fast 

  13. nammm godt love you

  14. where did you get the defuser?

  15. I thought I was the only one that ate cherry tomatoes like that! Haha yay
    I’m not the only one.

    Wait, what’s potato bread? It sounds so yummy!(≧∇≦)

  16. i actually want to try these all three look so good 

  17. Whats with the sad music? This video would be so much better without it 

  18. Kayliegh-Anne Joyce

    Where do you find that lunch box please? A link would be awesome? X

  19. I have the same blender :D

  20. OMG where did you get the strawberry diffuser?!

  21. this made me want some hummus & pita and rainier cherries mmmm 

  22. Omg your bento box and egg shaper thing <3

  23. I love your voice! 

  24. I’m going to go dorm soon for college. Any organization tips for a small
    desk and some decor ideas :)? I’m a stationary junkie and I like my makeup
    on my desk so I can wake up and get ready :)

  25. Very Nice ideas , but the drink idea didn’t like it one drink wont kill u
    if u buy it thats just being cheap sorry 

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