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Kids Lunches

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

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  1. That apple with brown sugar and cinnamon is a great idea! I had never seen
    it like that 🙂 I will try it with my kids next time, thanks!

  2. I agree that kids like visually appealing shapes. I’m a teacher and this
    one child’s mother cuts his PB&J diagonally twice (in both directions) to
    make four little triangles. It looks cute and he eats it up!

  3. Not really liking the lunch ideas, but you seem very fun and funny!!! 🙂 I
    subscribed. Try lime / lemon on those apples…they won’t turn brown. Force
    kids to eat stuff they don’t like, but is good for them. That’s what I do
    and it works lol.

  4. This is so freaking stupid!

  5. Merel Schetselaar

    this is quit stupid. a kid will never learn to eat things if you teach them
    and help them by not letting them eat the skin of an apple or the crust of
    a bread slice. they should just eat what you make and not complain. if they
    don’t like it… then it their problem. then it’s no food… but yeah,,
    that’s my opinion

  6. “Whether he gets teased or not!”idk why I find that so funny

  7. Nice healthy lunch idea. But any reason for not using a regular lunch box?
    Why create waste with disposable lunch bags.
    The edges of the bread can be buttered and baked to make great croutons. 

  8. Jacob Siohane-Royle

    Landon is luck!

  9. Great video! I really do wish i had a mom like you….. 🙂

  10. Stop being haters. She is making great healthy recipes for kids. She’s just
    trying to lead by example with healthy eating. So what if she doesn’t pack
    a drink? She isn’t actually packing his lunch at the moment! Rebecca, keep
    up the great work!

  11. RebeccaBrandRecipes

    I understand your point. My kids though, never could plow thru the whole
    sandwich and rejected it because of the crust. I, like you, will eat the
    crust, but I always like the goodies that squish into the sides of the
    crust. If it’s just dry, I sometimes eat around the crust. Thanks for your

  12. Don’t u pack ur kid a juice

  13. RebeccaBrandRecipes

    I get that…. hmmm what are you suggestions, I need them!!

  14. Your an amazing mom! <3

  15. What you have to do is keep the apple cores and put in in a pan with warter
    bring it to the boil and a little suger then stir and simmer until it is
    soft then take it of the heat take out the cores and add geletin then put
    it in a mould then you have apple jelly or leve it to coll and you have
    apple jucie

  16. i love your personality i am 13 and its so much easyier to watch your
    videos thanks! i will defintley use this!

  17. Rebecca your a great mom and your sooooo cheery I don’t know if its a
    compliment (no hate) there is a cool recipe you should try making. You
    flatten a price of bread with a rolling pin and then put peanut butter and
    Kelly in then roll it. After that you cut it into sushi sized pieces.
    School is starting soon for me and I’m so eager to try it!!!!

  18. RebeccaBrandRecipes

    Such a sweet sentiment… I love children sooooo much!!!

  19. No drink

  20. RebeccaBrandRecipes

    Coming up! 🙂

  21. RebeccaBrandRecipes

    To much sugar… so they get free water or milk at school, so they go get
    that at lunch time.

  22. ruqayyah muhammad

    your adding sugar to their diet. Sugar is already in the apples to what I
    do to keep them from browning is squeeze lemon juice. just a little or just
    leave a lemon with the apples and they will be fine for a for days.

  23. I start school in to weeks and I found this video very good 🙂

  24. maybe you could make peanut butter on your own? Just look for a recipe, it
    shouldn’t be that hard 🙂

  25. Thank u! Can u do more videos lunches for kids please…

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