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Kids Lunches

Healthy Snacks for Kids : Vegetarian Food Pyramid

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  1. Thanks! You Tube lack more videos on the subject. Thanks for the
    contribution and the care.

  2. Same just im 12 lol

  3. Thank you!! being a vegetarian teen, it’s hard to find out what im supposed
    to eat thats healthy besides chips. since im the only vegetarian in my house

  4. Does almond milk give you the same stuff you’d get from an almond? I drink
    almond milk because I’m lactose-intalerant.

  5. : o There was a chicken ad before the video…..wow…just wow…

  6. Me to 😀 im also a veggie and im 12 so im looking at this to show me mom
    what to cook for me

  7. @fitchburgslut It’s not the meat that’s healthy, its the protein.
    Vegetarianism can be a lot healthier than being a carnivore, actually. As
    long as you have a well-balanced diet, both ways of life are healthy. This
    man obviously has feelings on the subject, so he turned Vegetarian. A
    parent will do what they think is best for their child, not what other
    parents think. Please keep your comments to yourself or rethink your
    comment. Thank you =]

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