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Hokey Pokey (Fruit and Veggie) – Kids Dance Songs – Children’s Songs by The Learning Station


Other Songs from the Learning Station (Hokey Pokey isn’t part of it):

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  1. TheLearningStation

    Many of our fans have inquired about the lyrics to this song. Simply click
    on “SHOW MORE” located below the video and a screen will drop down. Scroll
    down and you will see the lyrics.

  2. Християн Метев

    I like this song, but my 112 kg is not from fruit and vegetables!

  3. Good for teaching

  4. Thank you for sharing! I needed this to sing with my students.

  5. Yum… Kale :)

  6. I had fun! Will definitely sing this with my students! =)

  7. Whoever knew you could do the Hokey Pokey with Fruits and Veggies! So much

  8. Great video, but was this lip synced? :)

  9. my little sister loves it thanks it was great

  10. hokey pokey vegetable 

  11. ريم الحسيني


  12. I had fun! Will definitely sing this with my students! =)

  13. Hokey Pokey (Fruit and Veggie) – Kids Dance Songs…:

  14. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

    Check out my guest appearance on +TheLearningStation doing the Fruit and
    Veggie Hokey Pokey !

  15. Another classic! 🙂 That was great! If popsicles are fruits, that sounds
    like a pretty cool place LOL!

  16. Hey !
    My name is Helin
    I am from the Netherlands
    I am 11 years old
    I have learn my little brother (3years old) this song en he really love it
    . Im sorry my English isn’t perfect but i want to say one thing to u can
    you please make more of these songs ? Bye Bye !! 

  17. TheLearningStation

    Children will learn the moves to the “Fruit and Veggie Hokey Pokey”. A
    healthy twist to an all-time favorite dance song for kids!

  18. Coconuts are nuts cocoNUT

  19. It was an honor to work with Jenn to create this fun, action song for
    children. It promotes healthy food choices and is great for brain breaks,
    group activities and morning meeting! Also, make sure you click on the
    link at the end of the video and visit her channel. We prepared a delicious
    recipe, “Fruit Kabob with a Watermelon Grill”. 

  20. Was that u singing?

  21. I love this new song, thank you. The first child I showed it to could not
    keep her eyes off of the iPad. 

  22. I use this song at least once a week every week with my preschool
    students. Sometimes we use the fruits and vegetables from our dramatic
    play area as props. I also have small paper plates with pictures of a
    fruit or vegetable and the name of it glued to it and covered with clear
    contact. We have also graphed our favorite red fruit, green vegetable,
    etc. Love the song!

  23. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! We do an ongoing theme on nutrition and this video
    is perfect!!! I can’t wait to share it with my kindergarten class!! 

  24. ILoveGermanShepardsForever Woof! Woof! Woof!

    Thanks for posting this my baby sister Loves it and I have an idea why “she
    loves food” haha she tried eating the video xD

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