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Kids Lunches

Home Made School Lunch Ideas For Young Children

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  1. Christina Montgomery

    Why does she have more than one lunch bag? Love the ideas!

  2. This is not meant to be a rude comment, but I do wonder something…
    What child realistically likes all this food? Egg salad, maybe…But
    beats, tomato basil sandwiches?/ I am just curious…I am a mother of
    5…My kids range from newborn to 15 years and I could never have gotten
    any of my kids to want any of this for lunch…How do you do it?

  3. Miranda Hernandez

    Well I shouldn’t judge it I’m sorry I might try this it kinda looks good

  4. Are you guys vegetarians? There was no meat.

  5. This is a good one. Doing rather than talking

  6. Miranda Hernandez

    What is a good substitute for
    everything but I still liked how you explained everything 

  7. Wth did I just watch!
    Give her
    Sake! Beats? Lol

  8. The first One was my Favorite

  9. Tomatos are fruits not veggies.

  10. one time I was pleading eggs and i cut myself

  11. I Love All These Recipes!!!! Thanx

  12. what happened to pb&j with a banana?

  13. Please make my lunch

  14. I think the lunches are great, but I’d be lucky if my kids ate those
    things. Not that I don’t try, they just really don’t like it.

  15. A five year old eating, that “old shitty lunch”

  16. my kids are very picky nd dont eat anything but i will try this

  17. can u make my lunch to

  18. Where do you get these lunch boxes and also freezer pack and the stainless
    steel boxes, they are so much better than plastic ones, please let me know
    of some websites. I sometimes give hot lunches and need thermos which are
    organic and healthier than plastic. Thanks

  19. Bento box

  20. U r soo lucky that ur 5 year kid is eating all this bt my kids r so fussy

  21. I don’t like it when u put the bag on the wet board. It just ruins it. The
    beet juice may have ruined the bag.!

  22. btw nevaeh graham your mean

  23. mikita vandercourt

    What if you don’t have time in the morning and you need a fast things to

  24. nice but why beats

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