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Kids Lunches

How To Get Your Kids To Eat A Healthy Lunch – 5 Quick Tips – Weelicious

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  1. Nolwenn Petitbois

    Nice tips !
    Where do you order the bento boxes you show in the video ? thanks

  2. Any idea where I can find bento boxes in the UK?

  3. Nichola Whitehead

    I’m so stalking your Instagram page when I have kids!! Great tips! Nic xx

  4. Ferzana Karimzada

    Hi I saw u on a Cooking show as a judge. Ps

  5. Can you make some back to school lunch and breakfast ideas please? 

  6. I have the laptop lunch boxes for my girls. Where are the other lunch trays

  7. Great video +Weelicious! Love the idea of cutting the sandwich into a fun

  8. I love bento boxes! Nice video, you did a great job :)

  9. Love your great tips! Thank you kindly.. 

  10. You’re amazing :)

  11. Inwish my mom saw this when i was akid

  12. cool now i will fix my mom’s lunch like that 

  13. These are great tips, for adults too! Gotta eat the rainbow, it’s key!!
    Thanks for sharing ~

  14. love the ideas!

  15. So many options! Love it. 

  16. So great! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Julianna Dominguez

    Catherine what if your kids throw their lunches like fruits and veggies any
    tips on that? please reply I’d love to know!!

  18. any tips for getting stubborn teenagers to eat healthier? my brother is
    quite difficult ;)

  19. Super great tips. Thanks!

  20. first comment!

  21. Can you get a bento box in the Philippines?

  22. Really helpfully ps I am a kid

  23. Catherine I you look so good :)

  24. Go I hate this vid

    Bc it makes me hungry

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