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Kids Lunches

How to Make Homemade Fruit Roll Ups for Kids – Healthy Snack Recipes – Weelicious

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  1. how would i make this into one serving? 

  2. Is that healthy ??

  3. Hold on does this taste like fruits and veggies or does it taste like the
    candy ones? 

  4. Can you replace the strawberrys with watermelon?

  5. Ur such a great mother

  6. TheTwerking Viking

    Does this have to be strawberries? 

  7. How do you store the leftovers and how long do they keep?

  8. Can I use another fruit? like Apple?

  9. How long does this last and how should you store it?

  10. Thank you for your video– your little boy is adorable–God bless

  11. Can we do it with any fruit?

  12. 250 degrees on bake or boil please thanks 

  13. But is cheaper to buy the roll ups at the store….

  14. Can u use a microwave I’m not allowed to use the stove

  15. Her son is so cute and a fruit lover

  16. healthy and delicious and not to mention that it’s a fruit roll up, sure ya
    can buy them but come on who doesn’t want to try HOME made fruit roll
    ups….I mean that’s just awesome….can you MIX fruit together for
    different results?

  17. sory odd but kid is annoying me when eatin that past

  18. I would love to make some

  19. mine was burnt ur video sucks

  20. Caitlyn Pendolino

    can you use frozen strawberries?

  21. Hello and I have a question, what do you do if you don’t have parshment
    paper? Do you have another way to cook it?

  22. Best mom ever!

  23. This is originally from Iran. And its called “Lavashak” and its made of
    mostly cranberries , plums and pomegranates. 

  24. what about bananas ?

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