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Kids Lunches

How To Pack A Vegan Lunchbox + Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

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  1. Hello , thanks for all these children videos . They are great . I’ve
    already started using some of the ideas . Could u let me know what sauce u
    use in the pasta please ? Woukd love to try this for the kids 

  2. love this! i am A. 14 (15 in November WOOOHOO excited) B. lactose
    intolerant and generally no keen on meat, so turned vegan and C. in my 4th
    year of high school (from the uk) i hate the school meals always have due
    to the fact everything is prosiest and/or has milk in it so the only thing
    i can have is the 50% fruit juice (WHICH IS HORRIBLE). so i was very happy
    to FINALLY find a video that can actullay help me rather than be discussing
    or misleading and straight forwardly waist my time. I CAN ACTUALLY HAVE

  3. aw I wish I’d had these lunches since I was younger! I made a video about
    being vegan during high school, and I’d love to try these ideas as well!

  4. Is honey vegan?

  5. Wat if ur kids dont like nuts and most veg!!!! Mine go to school with
    mainly all fruit my daughter has strawberries and bananas or oranges and
    bananas and my son fruit grapes mainly and raisins!!!and juice and water!!!
    Its so hard esp when hubby not joining us!!! but im so proud of my kids!
    And we will continue eating raw til 4!! x

  6. The one thing that doesn’t make sense to me is the Oats N Honey bar. Honey
    is an animal product.

  7. Your kids are so gorgeous, I am really glad you include them in the video
    because my boys don’t mind watching with me when they see kids! I have two
    (4 and 3) and have been gradually introducing a vegan diet. Totally cut out
    dairy and eggs, but they still eat meat from time to time with Dad or
    Grandma! They do so well with new foods, they help me cook and prep snacks,
    but i am so scared of my son starting school this fall because i’m not sure
    how schools sort of handle kids who bring their own lunch…? I don’t know,
    I’m a rookie here! Thank you for your video, love the ideas and I can’t
    wait to start trying these packed lunches for weekend outings. I’ll need
    the practice. 

  8. Jocelynne Medenwaldt

    loved the video!

  9. Always check for gelatin in fruit snacks as well.

  10. Thank you! Your kids are gorgeous, I hope you’ll start making videos

  11. <3

  12. I understand! I haven’t had honey in awhile but I’ve always had trouble
    explaining why I don’t eat it. And I’ve always flip flopped on my feels
    about it. Just recently found your channel-love it! I’m pregnant with my
    first and you are an inspiration!

  13. Do you ever make vegan pastries or cakes/cupcakes for you and your kids?

  14. great video! i know a lot of people could definitely use the ideas!!!

  15. great tips thank you. PS> those are such handsome boys 🙂

  16. Found your channel via Dara. Those kids were making me laugh – you’re like
    a jedi mum to not get distracted while vloging. ‘Stay on target!’ 🙂

  17. lol your kids look bored. Why are they even in the video if they are just
    supposed to stand still and not touch anything while you talk?

  18. I’m actually the one who requested this on your fb page. Thank you so much
    for taking the time to dp it and for sharing your advice!

  19. Haha!! 😉

  20. You eat honey?

  21. Thanks for the ideas. You are awesome!

  22. I love the ideas and I’m glad you gave me some basic rules to follow. I
    live by rules.

  23. Aw…thank you! 😉

  24. I love your videos. So straight to the point and informative. Keep
    inspiring. 🙂

  25. Thx! It’s a little long but I tried to get it all in.

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