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How To: Prepping Chicken For Diets

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  1. Can you help me??? I don’t eat eggs unless it’s hard boiled yokes and I
    don’t like the whites. What can I do to make the white tasty for me if I
    scramble it? Thanks in advance b/c I’ve been struggling with this and my
    trainer just tells me to make sure I eat it lol.

  2. you burn it…..

  3. The food looks yummy I wish my man could cook like that lol ! He’s cute 

  4. Looks excellent. I’m going to try this, but with coconut oil.

  5. Or wood spatulas. Just don’t use metal in a non stick skillet. =) **

  6. Do you like cooking with gas?

  7. It’s bad to drink wine when ur on a diet because it’s high in carbs is wine
    vinegar that much different? 

  8. wow your videos are amazing and they have defiantly have helped me with my
    thaiboxing diets thanks mate

  9. Instead of red wine vinegar, could you just use red wine?

  10. That chicken looks damn good.

  11. o I know where to find it when I cook later 🙂 #diet 

  12. 3:34 good lord get a new pan dude! those old school black nonstick pans are
    poisonous- and it seems youve been scratching yours up- that means youre
    eating that shit homie wtf.


  13. Just made this it was good and better than using Italian dressing I made
    with grilled green ,yellow, red peppers and scallions 

  14. Cute and you can cook!
    Carli is one lucky girl!

  15. Joseph Angelo Sesate Moraza

    Turkey is way better than chicken if you’re on a diet. It actually is more
    common for turkey to be part of the 3 meals a day, rather than just one
    meal. But if you don’t have any turkey on hand, chicken is a great
    substitue. But if you’re trying to look for the changes within your diet,
    I’d go with turkey. Turkey, you can use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    I’ve been on a food diet. Turkey was my only meat. And I ate vegetables and
    drank water for 3 months. I would work out from 30 min to an hour, 5 days a
    week. Calorie intake was 1000 everyday. & i had one cheat day (Saturday) of
    2000 or less. I went from 210 to 180 I tried the protein shakes. Eww no
    way. A. it didn’t work. If anything it actually was the reason why I gained
    weight in the first week & B. the taste wasn’t worth it. So try the turkey
    diet, with vegetables, wheat bread, nuts, fruit, water, & any other source
    of healthy fats, protien, & richness in fiber! It really is healthy for
    you. Find a lot of creative ways to chose your diet and keep your goals.
    You’d be impressed with the overall outcome. 

  16. jus made this a few mintues ago…it was delicious!!!

  17. Why are you so perfect?

  18. Amber Starr Petrowsky

    That looks so good!

  19. To the women: the ones hitting on him should probably stop. We know hes
    super into Carli! Carlo is absolutely gorgeous!! You women could never get
    on their level!! Thanks!! :)

  20. Jennifer Depalmer

    You look just as good with your shirt on so u know.
    Anyway sir I wanted to say I can tell what a kind person you are you seem
    so genuine. You’re so lucky to have such a nice life. You amd Carly seem to
    be pretty much perfect. But the common thing I see is you both genuinely
    want to help others and NOT try to just make a fast buck off anyone..
    Anyway I wanted to tell you that I can tell what a great, good hearted man
    you are.

  21. Enjoyed your video. Looks delicious! I will definitely be trying this.

  22. Looks delicious. However, I couldn’t help but notice that your non-stick
    skillet is scratched up. It’s time to change it. I thought it was ok too,
    until I got yelled at for using a scratched up non-stick skillet. It
    releases a lot of toxins into your food. When flipping your food in a non
    stick skillet, use rubber everything. Including tongs.

  23. You and Carli are perfect together!! Love both your videos.

  24. I’m on a diet to lose weight and tone up, can I cook my chicken thr same
    way you did, with all the spices and ingredients and still be fine with my
    calorie intake?

  25. I would like to ask you .. can i replace the red wine vinegar to a regular
    vinegar ?

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