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Kids Lunches

Indian Style Macaroni Pasta Recipe | Kids Lunch Box Special Recipes

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  1. Here’s for you, Indian Style Macaroni Recipe.. Perfect for kids lunch box..

    #pasta #recipe #macaroni #indian

  2. Juliana Tido Balisa

    Wow!!! I love pasta!!

  3. this recipe is delicious even for adults. Loved it!

  4. Looks oo good !!
    Sorry. But if ur preparing for kids ,the amount of chillies !!
    Red chilli paste,Red chillie powder ,green chillies & Black pepper…….
    sure the lunch box will B back home !!
    Hope u don’t mind.

  5. Nice kitchen… When u started, I though I was watching a tv cookery show!!
    But one thing, celeb chefs of abroad like gordon ramsey, nigella often
    suggest NOT to add oil into boiling pasta..as it prevents pasta to combine
    better with the sauce… At the same time, most indian celeb chefs often
    add oil into pasta to prevent sticking… I think they should find any
    better way to keep their pasta non sticky.

  6. Thx yaman…i was waiting for this…

  7. Hi yaman very tasty recepi,but I wonder you use all high cost food products
    in your kitchen always be it Hudson canola oil which is I remember some rs
    250 one litre,etc,I guess you are very rich or you get some sponsors for
    your show,I guess the way you were adding stress to Hudson canola oil brand
    I guess the dealer sponsored your show,please reply and I was very eager to
    know details of your show as why somebody will spend so much voluntarily 

  8. Most of ingredients are ok, and I would like to eat and make myself too a
    sort of indian inspired pasta… But man I’ll give an important advice,
    please, please… Do not ever put KETCHUP in any sort of pasta sauce,
    that’s just too wrong and out place. Greetings from Italy

  9. This is perfect. A small suggestion, though. When you flip or move the pan,
    lift it a little from the stove because without lifting you are ruining the
    racks of the stove and also the bottom of the pan.
    I am loving the new set, 1080 HD and the lighting.
    Greetings from California.

  10. so sweet accent chef!!!

  11. man i love your cooking i am a teen like you i love cooking too and you
    must go to the masterchef competition u will surely crack it

  12. Love it. U r my new friend 

  13. yummy…….. looking tasty……//

  14. Hii Yaman, could you please share motichoor ladoo and jalebi recipe.Thanks.

  15. Very very nice and amazing recipe I’ll try it tomorrow

  16. Please do a basic Mac n cheese tutorial if possible!

  17. Redandbluesyndicate

    A kids really gonna eat that much chilli ?

  18. soo smart….Copying NICKO’S KITCHEN

  19. i made it n turned out nice….:)

  20. wow soo nice

  21. Thank you! Must try this 

  22. Here’s for you, Indian Style Macaroni Recipe.. Perfect for kids lunch box..

    #pasta #recipe #macaroni #indian

  23. yummmy reciepe

  24. What’s ur opinion on that?

  25. Arulselvikamal Selvi


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