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Ingrid Dishes | California Chicken Salad | Recipes from Missglamorazzi

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  1. are raspberry preserves basically raspberry jam?

  2. I love this!=D 

  3. Who is her boyfriend?

  4. what a shocker she didnt mention her boyfriend in this video

  5. beet salad with balsamic vinaigrette, candied walnuts, and feta cheese

  6. make a food chanall

  7. I’m really glad Ingrid is doing this on Pop Sugar. I’m always really happy
    when I see her recipes on her channel because I love the stuff she makes.
    And now I have a place where I can see more of her recipes! ^_^

    My favorite salad would have to be a certain salad I get at Trader Joe’s. I
    don’t remember the name, but it has this really yummy basil dressing that
    comes with it, and it is sooo good! =) 

  8. Yummy

  9. That looks amazing even though I hate chicken but I will definitely try it
    with fish! 

  10. Greek Salad!

  11. This looks really yummy! <3

  12. I love Greek Salad!!!! With extra feta cheese!

  13. TealPeppermint05

    It looks really good!I have to make this!

  14. I really like spinach leaves with cucumber and a dressing that my friend’s
    mum invented! :)

  15. ingrid reminds me of kourtney kardashian..

  16. The sound knives make on a wooden chopping boards comes straight from hell
    I swear! It gives me the creeps…

  17. i am sooo in love with the bbq chicken salad from california pizza kitchen

  18. Can everyone get over the fact that she used her finger to taste the
    dressing? You use a spoon to taste when cooking for others.. it’s cooking
    101. I’m sure she knew too, but lets be honest. When you’re cooking for
    yourself you could really care less! I really enjoyed this video. Keep up
    the good work Ingrid :))

  19. Crystal Dreaming

    That looks so yummy! For a long time I’ve loved caesar salads, but I’ve
    recently discovered cobb salads. When I’m trying to eat super healthy, I
    like baby spinach with tuna, pumpkin seeds and a dressing I make using
    lemon juice. 

  20. Snickers salad…

  21. I like ceasarsalad! :)

  22. Ur hot….lol totally true!!

  23. Carleigh Puckett

    sesame ginger chicken salad!

  24. Katerina Cistova

    I love the ceasar salad ! :)

  25. I love ingrid but I think her blush in this video is a little too heavy.
    Still, liked the recipe! 

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