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Jamie Oliver’s principles for superb salads

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  1. 4:18 what cheese is he using 

  2. The real question I have is that once you’ve peeled some of that skin
    off…what do you do with the rest? Can you fridge that stuff for a decent
    period of time?

  3. lol, Salads aren’t for nancies.

  4. Salads! My favorite food. I can live off of salads. Easily! 

  5. one word. > Brilliant! ^_^ /

  6. who the hell fucked his hair up xd?

  7. Salads are cool! :)

  8. The nice thing about that dressing is that you can make it and then keep it
    in the fridge for a week. And I always but some fine chopped union in the
    dressing and then let it rest for some hours. It make the dressing thicker
    and stickier. Oh, and if you want to impress somebody a bit, put some
    chopped boiled eggs with ansjovis on top (possibly with capers). Great.

  9. Woohoooo, really loved ur tips, u made feel like a salad expert cuz i knew
    all this by nature but thought i might be wrong, and u proved me right,
    thank u bunches

  10. why is it that in western europe and the US everyone is like “meeh! i ain’t
    a cow! i don’t eat salad!”

    in eastern europe and asia at least, they enjoy eating salad! on the
    balkans they even have salad when they are drinking their homemade or
    favourite booze. 😀

    i’m grown up in western europe, raised by balkan parents.

  11. salad’s aren’t for nancy’s folks

  12. the cucumber sliced were disgusting if i got a salad like this at a
    restaurant (i’m from the middle east) i will cry it’s not a salad. and not
    because it’s “boring” but because the ingredients are just random shit he
    put together. they have to have the same language you can’t just toss shit
    together and call it a salad. 

  13. The what pealer?

  14. He always talk too much.

  15. 0:13 “i eat them everyday because i want to not because it’s healthy”

  16. This video is great…pretty much all store bought salad dressing have
    preservatives and tons of sodium.

    Olive oil and lemon, salt, pepper, and then add whatever herbs you like to

  17. wow this is so going to help me on my garde manger lab!
    Salads are intimidating at first, but once mastered it is simplicity at its
    finest ( :

  18. This guys seems to have a pretty salad reason.

  19. A bit too much oil, and skip the mustard LOL.

  20. Fairy Fingers! Lol!

  21. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

  22. Giuseppe passeri


  23. His olive oil fetish really shows through here :)

  24. I m eating salad everyday because of you simple tips! Excellent!,,

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