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Kids Lunches

Kids School Lunch Ideas!

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  1. ur kinda anoyying +RebeccaBrandRecipes 

  2. For Gods sake lighten up haters!… when I was a kid my momma would make me
    a fast lunch box with even leftovers and use the same knife to cut
    everything, she never used gloves and would add butter salt to my
    vegetables to make me eat it! And it worked! I never got sick from any
    bacteria and never got fat from eating it. All of you haters apparently
    never had a happy childhood and take it on a nice person for just giving
    good tips for kids to eat.
    Remember there are other children in the world that litterally would die
    for a meal like that… jeez…

  3. “lets keep doing fun things in the kitchen together” Haha that’s what she

  4. Cutting a banana like that is insane, kids whose parents fuss over every
    single little detail like that will only grow up to become hypochondriacs.
    It’s pandering.

  5. You’re a mom of kids or little babies

  6. Great balance diet for young ones..

  7. I love all of of your recipes theyve really helped me and my kids

  8. This woman is diseased… Which child likes broccoli??? You are a very
    annoying person. Just saying .

  9. Flyinmidgetbannana

    Takes me back to 2005 12 and didn’t know what what was good for me I
    remember I had three lunch menu recipes one exactly like this one now I
    have a kid on the way and I’m already over my head in my wife’s perspective

  10. I just subscribed :D

  11. Good lunch ideal

  12. My mama loves it recepies she makes it recepies in my lunvh my fav is tuna

  13. wow, that is really balanced diet indeed.. with those crackers and so much
    cheese, you nailed it!

  14. You’re so bright and enthusiastic! I love it!

  15. I’m a Senior and find myself packing this #guilty who’s says only kids can
    enjoy a snack pack, great video! Haha:)

  16. DisneyFrozenMusic

    i dont need food for school i get it in school we have lunch at 11:00 am
    we have free food in school
    like if anything in this comment is same for yu

  17. Heyyyyy becca I miss your closure cheers I like that!

  18. why uncooked meat in side a childs luch for and this question has to have
    an answer or im telling the world your a wolf

  19. I feel like this video is for moms only and that I should probably leave

  20. My son loved broccoli trees thats what we called then also hes now 16 and
    still loves the.

  21. Mmmm that looks really yummy and I love your ideas and vids thanks your
    really helpfull 🙂 

  22. what if you dont like mant or chess?

  23. Say Selena Gomez 3times and post this on another video then see what
    happened to our voice

  24. Say selena gomez 3 times and post this to another video see what hsppens to
    your voice

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