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LIFE HACKS & SNACKS: Back to School!

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  1. As someone who has a brother who is addicted to smoking pot and is entirely
    useless…. there are people with real addictions to it. Just saying..

    EDIT I feel like a lot of you misunderstood what I was saying,
    unfortunately. First of all, I never said that pot is addictive, I just
    want to get that out of the way. I want it legalized just as much as
    anyone. Though, I will say that inhaling any smoke into your lungs IS bad
    for you. Now with that said I just want to clear this up. What I’m trying
    to say is that some people (including myself from personal experience) CAN
    get addicted to just about anything, including smoking marijuana. To a
    point that it ruins their lives and keeps them from living a normal life.
    You can believe that or not believe it, it’s fine, I’m simply speaking from
    personal experience. I never once tried to discount what Hannah said.
    Perhaps I should have worded what I originally said a l little better. If
    you can smoke it up once in a while and not let it affect your daily life,
    awesome for you. Some people simply can’t. I quit smoking many years ago
    and once a couple of years ago tried it again only to get a massive
    headache from it so I simply don’t do it anymore. People handle things in
    different ways than others. We’re not all the same =)

  2. thesheepthatwentmooo

    I want to go back to school JUST so I can use these hacks. Loving your hair
    btw 🙂 it looks like two really smooth pigtails behind your ears. Just
    don’t let Miss Trunchbull see them :P

  3. Hannah, are you a stoner? If that’s the case, you should go to one of those
    magic states and make a episode of: “My Stoned kitchen: The baked cake.”
    Y’know, to herb it up a little.

  4. love watching all these videos YouTubers are doing about going back to
    school… and I’m just here like…. -_- …Ive been back at school since
    February! #WhatUpAustralians 


  6. As someone who works at a college bookstore: MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR
    SCHOOL’S RETURN POLICY. Pay attention to stickers that say “no return if
    unwrapped” or lab manuals that are nonrefundable. Also, rent when you can.

  7. I know textbooks are expensive, but photocopying copyrighted books? Nope.

  8. Jesus Is My Savior

    Your intro with the play button over the pause button, looks a lot like the
    twin towers on 9/11… 

  9. I can’t stop starring at the hair behind your ears; it looks tiny pony

  10. Hannah I love your face thank you goodbye

  11. Your lisp is so freaking adorable! Also Marijuana is legal in Washington
    state, I know this might sound a bit air headed but I thought it was also
    legal in other states? 

  12. Like a Dr Who adventure?!?!!!? 

  13. yeaa… that textbook thing is super illegal. you’re not supposed to make
    copies of over 30% of a book even when you do own it.

  14. You reading the Bible with stereotypical Chinese proverb music in the
    background felt… confusing

  15. As an Australian I’m just sitting here thinking, wasn’t the back to school
    time about seven months ago.

  16. Thumbs up for an Irish meet up!! I mean face it no youtubers EVER come to

  17. I trust naturopaths / homeopaths over nutritionists ANY day and they do NOT
    agree on eating cashews or peanuts. Cashews are yummy and have some
    nutrition but they are highly susceptible to a mold that produces a
    mycotoxin called aflatoxin which is a carcinogenic. Technically you can not
    buy raw cashews !!

  18. hannah i love you but why do you eat with your mouth open >_<

  19. Stoners are so much nicer than drunks!

  20. No Hannah you are not annoying! 

  21. is she said its gay ?
    wtf O_O

  22. FashionIsPassion09

    What you eat actually has nothing to do with acne…I mean, that doesn’t
    mean go eat a bunch of garbage that will probably kill you, I’m just saying
    it doesn’t effect how much acne you have. And I like lemurs.

  23. Is college in America like university in England?

  24. In the subtitles, “Not full of any nasty chemicals, just full of sriracha
    goodness.” turns to, “Now holding at chemicals just velociraptor goodness.”
    It made me smile : )

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