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Are Low Carb Lunch Boxes Good for Kids

Eating healthy should start with young age. Creating healthy eating habits can do wonders for the body. Today a lot of lunch boxes for kids as well as snacks are choosing the healthy option rather than the carb and sugar option from the past. There is definitely an advantage to low carb lunch boxes when preparing food for your kids and all kids will benefit from eating healthier.

One thing you can keep in mind is when preparing a low carb lunch box for your kid, you don’t have to be as strict with cutting carbs and sugars entirely. Kids are more tolerable to carbs and sugars as their body produces more insulin than in adults. However with overweight kids you should be more careful and restrictive of the carbs and sugars you put in their lunchbox. Dealing with this in early on in childhood can give better results in forming healthy eating habits and lowering weight.

1. It’s better to be early than late

The younger you are the easier it is for you to form new habits that is why it is very beneficial to start forming healthy eating habits early on. Once the body has grown accustomed to a low carb diet it will be easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout life. Starting early would not result in cutting off certain foods from your kids’ lunch but rather forming a healthy diet to which they are accustomed to.

2. You don’t have to cut all carbs and sugars

As we mentioned before, kids are more tolerable to carbs and sugars as their body produces more insulin, so cutting off all carbs and sugars from their diet is not necessary. Rather than that focus on lowering the carbs in their lunch boxes. Feel free to reward them every day with a snack or to put some carbs into their lunch. You should start gradually when introducing them to a low carb lunch box and make sure you supplement it appropriately.

3. Commitment

From experience we know that making a sandwich or a wrap for your kid’s lunch box is easy and fast especially when preparing lunch is a day to day activity. You want them to be full and you need to do it fast. Preparing a low carb lunch box does require some commitment at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it you will find that it becomes a routine and preparing healthy lunch boxes will definitely become ‘your thing’. Think of it this way, rather than preparing a chicken salad sandwich or wrap, skip the bread and enhance on the chicken and salad. What you are left with are all healthy and nutritious elements that will give your kids the energy for the day. You are free to slip some carbs into the lunch box but keep it at bay, you still want to lower the carbs and sugar intake and keep things healthy.

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