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Kids Lunches

Lunch Box Ideas – Back To School – Easy To Make Lunch Box Recipes

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  1. I’m so sad the 30 sec ad, I have to watch before this video, is from the
    Corn Refiners Assoc, telling me high fructose corn syrup isn’t ‘that bad’
    for me, right before I’m about to watch a great video on healthy food! The
    CRA should be ashamed and embarrassed. I’m no fool, and I’ve had no need
    for HFCS in my diet for over 5 years. Everyone, do your research, do not
    just listen to the propaganda.

    Love the original food video though, as always, great food, great hostess.

  2. 02:34 yeah in america but here in denamark kids eat it because they like it
    and know its good for you. But because that america is really unhealthy
    kids are not givin the right food. Ps sr for bad eng

  3. Adding butter to melted chocolate doesn’t make it a chocolate spread

  4. I like that recipies, but it would be better if you write all ingredients
    when edited the video. Or if is possible, put subttitles in english or
    spanish. Or otherhand put it into the box of the description.
    Is more easy take a note for make that recipies.


  6. being a crazy healthy person i had to click off 50 seconds into the video
    …. since when is white bread chocolate and butter and chease healthy!!!??

  7. The recipes are too easy and tastes delicious!

    Keep updating more recipes.
    I m soon gonna try the cold sandwich. 

  8. Hi Ruchi..these ideas are too good for office people as well ! thanx a
    lot.. U look so beautiful in red colour 🙂 Can u plz show paneer pasanda
    recipe !!!!! thanx again

  9. Hey Ruchi thanx a lot for sharing yummy recipes with us will surely try

  10. Your food looks so amazing …..
    This is my first time in the channel but definitely not my last

  11. Please add subtitles for Deaf viewers like me. Thanks.

  12. hi ruchi
    do u know how to make eggless mayonaise and also strawberry sauce r
    crush?if so can please upload them?

  13. Cheese, chocolate and butter healthy? I don’t think so.

  14. Thanks Ruchi, i was desperately waiting for these kind of lunch boxes

  15. How can we eat mint and paneer raw ? I didn’t like this video 

  16. There is nothing healthy in your video!

  17. How can you make a chocolate-cheese sandwich and call it a healthy lunch?!

  18. Cheese and chocolate healthy???

  19. Good ideas thanks

  20. It’s a request to share more lunch box recipes for kids easy nd quick

  21. wowwwwww

  22. Nice !

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