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Lunch Box Ideas for Busy Dads

Packing a good and healthy meal is a must these days, but it can be tricky to get things right every day. Kids need the benefit of all the different food groups and on top of bring variety to their lunch you need to make it visually appealing and interesting. It can get tough, we know. We all have our busy days and they really shouldn’t be a reason to neglect your child’s nutrition. That is why we have some cheat sheet lunch box ideas that will make you the best dad no matter how busy you are.

1. Don’t cut, arrange

You don’t have to be an artist in the kitchen to make your kid’s lunch visually appealing. Rather than cutting out food shapes and arranging them into their favorite cartoon, just use whole ingredients and arrange them in an interesting way. Adding two cherry tomatoes to mimic ears on the sandwich, or two olives to mimic eyes on the rice is a fast solution. And there is always parsley and beans to make mouth and voila, you have a smiley face. And it doesn’t even have to have a face, sometimes just working with colors can make things interesting. So use what you have, it takes less than a minute, but will make all the difference.

2. Use leftovers

Another lunch box idea that will definitely save time is using leftovers. This way you don’t have to prepare food from scratch but your kids will end up with a proper meal anyway. Use yesterday’s dinner leftovers for the main course in the lunch box. Yesterday’s chicken dinner can be today’s chicken sandwich. Not only is this a perfect solution but your kid will actually have a cooked meal. You can use some pasta to make pasta salad, or rice which really goes with everything. The sky is the limit, check your fridge for leftovers and go from there.

3. Store bought snacks

The trick to doing store bought snacks as a responsible parent is to tune in your shopping cart. Try to buy healthy and nutritious snack when you go shopping. There are so many healthy options today even when choosing sweets and chips. Check out the brands and ingredients and choose wisely. These will come in handy when you need to add that extra to the lunch box and you are out of food supplies.

4. Fruits and vegetables can be your friends

This lunch box idea may not seem popular, but it is certainly necessary. Your child’s lunch box has to have a fruit or vegetable in it, if not both. But out some carrots, cucumbers or add some cherry tomatoes to save time from actually making a salad. This way you can make sure your kid gets proper nutrition ad it will save you time on preparation. Or if the lunch box calls for a fruit, add some cherries, strawberries or tangerines. Your kid will love them and they require not cutting or any special preparation.

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