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Lunch Box Ideas from other Countries that Kids Love

Cacio e pepe spaghetti is the first recipe on our list of lunch box ideas from other countries. This Italian recipe is extremely delicious and very popular among younger children. After all, is there a child out there who does not like the delicious taste of fresh spaghetti? 

You will need one pot with water that is lightly salted. The water needs to be boiled. After that, start cooking the spaghetti and stir them up from time to time. When ten to fifteen minutes pass, they will become tender enough and ready for the other part of the recipe. Heat some oil in one skillet which is place on medium heat. Slightly add a little bit of pepper and garlic. Start cooking and stirring it up for one to two minutes.

Afterwards, add the fresh spaghetti and a little bit of cheese known as “Pecorino Romano”. Start stirring until all of the cheese you have placed inside is melted completely. If needed, you can add a little bit of extra cooking water, too.

The second recipe that is quite popular among children is American Lasagna. What you need to do in order to make this super delicious and nutritious meal is find a skillet and place it on medium heat, then add some ground beef, a little bit of garlic and onion an mix it in oregano, basil, a little bit of brown sugar and a tiny bit of sea salt, tomato paste and diced tomatoes.

After that, simmer it for about thirty minutes and remember to occasionally stir it up. In addition, preheat your oven up to about 190 degrees Celsius. When you do that, put water with a little bit of salt inside and add the noodles for lasagna. Cook them for about five to ten minutes. Afterwards, lay them flat and start blot drying them. In another bow, mix up ricotta, a few eggs, cheese (preferably parmesan), one teaspoon of salt and a handful of parsley. Layer about one third of the noodles and cover them with half of the mixture with ricotta and also add a little bit of mozzarella cheese and one third of the already made sauce.

After that, repeat the procedure in another layer on top and voila! Your meal is ready to be served!

The third recipe on our list of lunch box ideas from other countries is the Portuguese veggie soup with Italian sausages. You will need four ounces of sausages, two potatoes which are fully sliced and peeled, a half cup of chopped onion, one can of veggie broth or chicken broth, chopped spinach, half cup of water and one fourth of teaspoon pepper. You will need a big saucepan where you will cook the Italian sausages alongside the onions.

You should cook them until the sausages are brown. The onion should start becoming softer and darker in shade, too. After that, add the veggie or chicken broth alongside with the sweet potatoes, water, pepper and spinach. Start boiling them and cover it for about twenty minutes. The potatoes should become tender until that time.

Trying lunch box ideas from other countries is a great way to ‘spice up’ your weekly lunch box schedule.

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