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lunch box ideas for young adults

 Lunch Box Ideas for young Adults

Coming up with innovative lunch box ideas all the time can be a bit tricky, because if you are not really into cooking that much, you will eventually run out of ideas. That is why we have prepared this list of easy yet healthy and delicious recipes which are considered as favorite recipes among young adults.

The first recipe includes chicken enchiladas. This is a cheesy and creamy recipe which is perfect for young people who love chicken in all kinds of sauces! All you need to do is cook the cheese, buy or make a burrito and place the melted cheddar cheese in a hot tortilla. It Is an easy yet delicious lunch box recipe.

The second one on our list is a tortellini soup with spinach and tomato. Soups are in general very healthy for the digestive system and for the immunity, especially during the winter season. It is a very fast meal which you will need about 25-30 minutes to finish. All you need to do is buy an already-made soup and put it in boiled water, ot take some tomatoes and tortellini and chop them and start boiling the tortellini, and on the other side, boil spinach leaves without and leftover water inside of the bowl.

Chicken with basil and tomatoes is another easy yet delicious recipe. You can use cherry tomatoes for that extra fresh tasted, but regular tomatoes are also fine for this recipe. Cook the chicken, chop the tomatoes and chop the freshly picked basil. You can place the tomatoes and the basil on top of the chicken (cook the chicken as you prefer to eat it) and there you have it- in just about 30 minutes you have a delicious lunch box meal that will make you full the entire day through.

Another extremely delicious and specific lunch box recipe that might be specific for some young adults, but extremely delicious for others is salmon in honey and lime sauce. This is probably my favorite recipe on this list. It is not hard to make, but it is definitely hard to resist. The Lime sauce should be made with brown butter (always pick the healthiest one) and the salmon can be smoked salmon if you are too lazy to cook yourself a real slice of salmon. You need to take the honey and simply place it on top of the salmon and add a little bit of the lime sauce. The lime sauce should be freshly squeezed, and the butter should be included in the end. If you are into cooked salmon and not smoked salmon, then all you need to do is take some gluten-free flour and start cooking your salmon for about three to five minutes per each side.

This delicious meal is going to take only about 15 minutes from your time which is a very positive outcome, regarding that it is quick to do, very healthy (fish is full with omega-6!) and on top of it all – it is way too delicious and hard to resist!

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