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What is Lunch Box Optimal Diversification?

If you children consume healthy food, then they will be obedient, will have an increased concentration and will behave. But, this won’t count if your kid is eating healthy only at home. The kid needs to have access to healthy food in the school as well. So, there’s no other option than preparing and packing a good and healthy lunch box. Lunch box optimal diversification will be a thing you will need to understand in order to prepare a rich, healthy and diverse meal.

For this, you need to put some effort and have some time on your hands. You shouldn’t be just throwing everything in the lunchbox and get everything done in 5 minutes, you need to prepare each food carefully. Before the school week starts, always make sure that you are stocked with fruits, vegetables, milk, yoghurt, bread and crackers. If you are on a budget, there is no need for you to go overboard with expensive fruits and veggies. Every season has its own fruits and veggies and they are most affordable during their periods. If snacks are a favorite of your kid, you can prepare delicious snacks at home and use fresh ingredients. Your kid needs a diverse meal that should contain ingredients from the 5 different food groups. Also, don’t forget to put one bottle of water in the lunch box. Forget about soft drinks, cordial or juices and soda, these are bad for your kid, for his health and his teeth. Water should be their best friend.

W mentioned there are 5 food groups and your kid needs all of them. They are:

  • dairy
  • fruit
  • meat, eggs, legumes, poultry, fish and nuts
  • vegetables
  • cereals and bread

Your kids should consume a lot of cheese, milk and yoghurt because dairy products are a source of calcium.

Fruits, as we already know, contain each and every vitamin that your kid needs, so they should eat them all. Dried fruits and canned foods are also good for them.

The groups of meats, eggs, legumes, nuts etc. are rich protein sources and you should definitely include them in the school lunch box.

Vegetables contain vitamins and fibre. Your kids will love the vegetables as snacks. You can use cucumber sticks, baby corn spears,

Cereals and breads are really good for the brain and the body because they are rich with carbohydrates. Let your kid have cracker breads, rice crackers, crisp breads, pasta, rice and different types of bread like white bread, whole meal or multigrain, celery and carrots, capsicum strips, cherry tomatoes with small corn cob or snow peas. You can also add the vegetables in every sandwich that you prepare.

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