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Kids Lunches

Lunchbox Snack Storage

Just sharing how I store all of our lunch box goodies. Hopefully this helps in some way! Here is that tupperware video I mention: http://youtu.be/8TX7XW9i3kw Thank you for watching, be sure…

Lunchbox Snack Storage

Come in find out more on Lunchbox Snack Storage

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  1. I love that you’re not a perfectionist who’s like OCD about every little
    thing in their house. You focus on things that matter most, like your
    children being happy and healthy, even if it means sometimes your house is
    a mess (not that it is always), but it’s really refreshing to see. You’re
    not messy, but you also don’t obsess over every little thing matching and
    being in its place, good job for finding that balance! 

  2. great idea 

  3. I do the same thing with Tupperware!! 

  4. BLISSFULmommy13

    Hi new subie here! Love how you have everything so organized!! Im in need
    of some organizing…i have everything in a drawer (Tupperware) and i loose
    lids so i like how you organized yours thinking of doing the same!

  5. Love all of your videos! I’m only 20 and not a mom but I think you’re
    hilarious and your videos are very enjoyable to watch 🙂 Wishing you the

  6. You make me want to be a mommy so bad..one day :3

    I love your videos!!

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