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Kids Lunches


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  1. Thumbs up cause of her accent :3

  2. @50spkerxxx it’s coconut oil. it’s better than most cooking oils, besides
    olive oil.

  3. I lovely your recommendation. I wonder if you eat the same staff everyday?

  4. Per 3 meals how many onions/pumpkin/grams of frozen vegetables do you use?
    Also how many calories is in the chicken you used? I’m vegan so I’ll need
    to use the calorie equivalent amount of tofu/tempeh instead.
    Also what is the calorie amount for 1 meal you made?

  5. you are gorgeous 🙂 just found your channel 🙂 gonna subscribe

  6. :)

  7. you kind of look like Rebekah from TVD hahaa just thought I’d tell you :)

  8. Will you marry me ?

  9. this is really amazing program

  10. Do we have to freeze our foods if we meal prep?

  11. Great meals fitness bodybuilding health

  12. Thank you!

  13. i wanna kiss you

  14. I think you are hot and I want to marry you!!! LOL!!!

  15. Ah that makes sense 🙂 Meals that don’t need refridgerating… that’s a
    challenge xD it’d probably mean that I would have to eat it within one or
    two days I think…

  16. Awesome video! Thanks!

  17. This is one of my 6 small meals a day and vegetables such as pumpkin
    contains very high amounts of carbohydrates not to mention, as stated
    previously..this is one of SIX meals a day. You have no idea what’s in the
    other 5, I could be eating carb overload!

  18. You said nothing about 6 meals. This video was about a single meal for
    individuals. And 6 meals is 3 meals too many. It’s foolish to consume too
    frequently, and unhealthy. UNSUBBED at you immaturity. And your cutting
    technique is very dangerous.


  20. Because meat is unhealthy, animal protein is bad for our bodies. And yes it
    is worse than eating plants. Plant foods are good for you + eating plant
    based foods saves the environment and puts less pressure on the worlds
    resources such as water. Meat eating is basically destroying out planet.
    And of course it also brings much suffering to innocent creatures. Eating
    plants don’t do that. You see?

  21. Thank you! 🙂 x

  22. The finished product was definitely still delicious! You don’t need oil at
    all but it does increase their chance of burning so to keep this in mind
    put the oven on a lower setting and cook for a bit longer instead 🙂 x

  23. Great idea, you inspired me ! Do you use coconut oil for roasting the
    chicken ? ( I could not see it clearly)

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