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Kids Lunches

Pack Healthy School Lunches

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  1. Don’t say children are “Fatter than ever” that’s rude.

  2. beth ann needs to wash her face n hv some coffee

  3. Jessica Patterson

    This lady has no room to talk about the kids being fat… she should take
    her own advise!

  4. Your fat

  5. Ur flag too so shut ur gay mouth

  6. 1:18 who drinks juice like that?

  7. Thanks for the great tips. My 5 year-old just started school this month and
    I am already running out of healthy lunch box ideas. Whenever we can, we
    eat organic, raw, whole food. Apart from sandwiches, fresh veg and fruits,
    I sometimes throw in a mixture of organic raw nuts, seeds, goji berries,
    sea weeds, steamed beans as snacks and add chia seeds into his water
    bottle. I buy these superfoods from iherb.com at really great price and
    shipping. iherb offers $10 off purchase over $40 to new customers who use
    discount coupon code EJE156. Great buy I’d say. My son is used to eating
    these healthy food so such healthy lunch/snack ideas are always welcomed.
    Thanks again 😀 

  8. She said at the end visit makeysee.caa

  9. I bet all of you ate like stupids in some stage of your life. It is just a
    girl stop it! Bunch of haters

  10. because she should be drinking water

  11. It’s true, researches has shown that this generation might be the first
    generation that does not live as long as their parents.

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    a quick way for you to burn up fat fast.

  14. 1:23 what the hell is wrong with this girl

  15. LMAO!! Who drinks juice like that????

  16. I eat tuna sandwiches and drink milk and water most of the time

  17. thanks for telling the obv. i thought she was going to give specific yummy
    but healthy foods

  18. The majority of Americans still eat the standard American diet… Thanks,
    Captain Obvious.

  19. according to american diet I bet she does :p

  20. Everything allright except the cheese and grain. Human doesn’t need any
    milk products after breastfeeding. Milkproducts have anticalcium effect to
    our bones. And grains are not good for our stomachs, but wholewheat grains
    are almoust ok.

  21. Wow this is dumb

  22. lol, did you really use the word, “fatter”…

  23. i agree and its not like she is obese


  25. 1:37 our children will be happy healthier and focused.. while that boy digs
    for gold! ewwh!!

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