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Pasta Salad Recipe | Fast & Simple!

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  1. This is not the true pasta! 

  2. Looks so good! But instead of vegetable oil can i use olive oil? 

  3. Gotta try this

  4. Looks gd!

  5. Mmmmmmm looks yummy 

  6. I am so obsessed with this type of pasta right now! I eat it with tomato
    and mozzarella sauce, creamy tomato sauce or red pesto. So yummy!

  7. easy and yummy

  8. Great video, and the salad looks so yummy!

  9. Yummy food

  10. This looks so freakin sexy. Bravo.

  11. This is porn. Food porn. 

  12. Try my Spicy Pasta!

  13. foods from a can.. a really worthy ingredient.

  14. OMG that dressing looks sooo revolting!!! Just use mayo and season! And
    wtf!… Use a jar of mayo with at least one teaspoon left in it if you’re
    trying to make a professional cooking video! LMFAOOOO


  16. I can’t wait to make this! The feta just takes it to another level. So

  17. Has anybody made this. Is so please tell i need to make something like this
    by Friday. Thank u

  18. Was really good! Loved it! Did without artichokes, not a fan of them lol.

  19. What do feta cheese taste like? What do artichokes tastes like? Please

  20. Went ahead and made this today. Had trouble finding some ingrediants but I
    was determined! It was good. And the feta and artichokes were right up my
    alley. I don’t eat like this. Just high fat or all around junk food. It
    will take me some getting use too. I do feel great. I am trying to eat
    healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Watched it full screen and it looked fantastic! Love the addition of the
    feta. Merry Christmas!

  22. Reynolds Reynolds

    love this video and the music was great also will be making this very soon
    thank you

  23. Labor Day party coming up. Gonna make this for sure. Thanks! 😉

  24. That looks delicious!

  25. This looks delicious!

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