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Kids Lunches

Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla Recipe – Quick & Easy Lunch Idea!

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  1. You don’t need all that stuff just get the tortilla put spaghetti sauce
    then cheese then pepperoni then put another tortilla and then heat it up
    and your done 

  2. Dafuq is this wack-ass shit niqqa

  3. I’ve try it… so delicious and sooo simple !

  4. Omg u guys I’ve been having this for years my mom invented the recipe but I
    guess sumone else thot of it too

  5. WOW!!

  6. I used a george foreman for this.

  7. i kinda want to use a panini griddle press for something like this, but
    instead of tortillas, i’ll get pizza dough in a can and make a calzone, &
    then griddle press it until down. i would try to griddle press the
    tortillas like in your video but the cheese oozes out so easily, calzones
    dont ooze the cheese. hmm, i wonder if you got a calzone video on

  8. Monique, can you perhaps make a series on what to pack for husband lunches?
    I am not married but I want some ideas and I bet many women do too. 

  9. looks delicious! Any more recipes?

  10. i have to try that i am lol

  11. Thanks, i really love this quick and easy recipe

  12. This looks so good!!! I’m definitly trying this!!

  13. Do I need the sauce because I kinda don’t like the sauce?

  14. Why do American people not pronounce the h in herbs? 

  15. I like your voice :’)

  16. These are sooooo good!! Made it with a few alternative ingredients like
    instead of pizza sauce (because mine was out of date) i used salsa sauce
    and ham instead of pepperoni – everyone should try this at least once!

  17. Dang y didnt i think of this haha

  18. Thank u sooooo much me and my little sister love this 

  19. i want to cry this looks so good

  20. I made this recipe for my family and they all LOVED it thanks so much p.s.
    love your outfit

  21. Pesto pizza quesadillas are tasty! Thank you for the recipe diva :)

  22. I’m going to try this with my fiance for his lunches at work.

  23. Can u give us measurements because the only place my internet works is 

  24. Pesto pizza quesadillas are tasty! Thank you for the recipe diva :)

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