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How to Pimp Lunch Boxes for Boys

Preparing a lunch boxes for your kids is a way of making sure they eat healthy and nutritious food throughout the day. But sometimes can be difficult making it interesting for them and not falling into a rut when you prepare a lunch box every day for five days of the week.

With children you always have to keep it interesting and visually appealing when preparing food. So no matter what kind of sandwich or snack you are making them, make sure you read through our way on how to pimp lunch boxes for boys and make sure your boys eat their food every day.

Tip one for each category is having a fun lunch box. Make sure your boy’s lunch box is to his liking that way carrying a lunch box around becomes less of a must, and more of a show off in front of his friends. 

1. Animals

Think about their favorite animal. Making an animal shaped food will instantly bring the fun to any meal. There are so many animal shaped sandwich cutters you can buy that will make you the star of lunch boxes. You can also take the time and add animal ears to the sandwich using other foods such as tomatoes, olives or any kind of vegetable.

And for snack don’t forget the animal crackers. Sticking to a theme will make it all the more exciting for your boys. Also keep the colors coordinated and mix it up with some fruits for a healthy snack. After all boys need all the energy they can get to grow up strong.

2. Superheroes

Superheroes have always been all the rage amongst boys. And there are at least a few superhero movies coming out each year. This can give you so much material to work with. Using a certain superhero as a theme you can arrange the food in a certain fashion that will make your boy feel just like a superhero himself.

Bonus points if you can get him a superhero lunch box. Making the sandwich in the shape of the batman logo will make your boy forget that he is actually eating healthy and each day will be his favorite lunch. You can also add some cards or notes to make everything more interesting.

3. Cars

Boys love cars, or trucks or anything with wheels actually. Which is really fortunate for you because wheels are really easy to shape. You can cut out sandwiches and make a vehicle in no time. Keep an eye on the colors as well. You want to have bright colors.

You can cut out the sandwich in the shape of the car and then use round slices of tomatoes to make the wheels. Tomatoes are perfect for making wheels, plus the are so healthy and go with any sandwich.

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