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Potato Mustard Greens Salad Recipe – Memorial Day Side Dish Special

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  1. LOL at ralph wiggum quote

  2. Could you do and egg salad recipe? Would be much appreciated!! 

  3. Thanks!! Really easy and looks tasty…different! I like it

  4. John I heard about a magical thing called horseradish mash…could you make
    that too :D?

  5. WE ALL SUPPORT YOU !!! good job 😀

  6. Aren’t we all?

  7. It tastes like…burning!!”

  8. Hey Chef John, do you think you could show us how to make chile relleno?

  9. You shall not pass!!!

  10. @math101a Tøfflersalåden would be my pseudo danish translation! 😉 Hvordan
    kan du lide det?

  11. …I can say now that Foodwishes is the best thing to ever happen to my
    culinary life.

  12. German! 😉 I always thought Kartoffelsalat was a traditional German dish
    but it turns out to be well known across europe. We should all put our
    differences aside for the sake of good ol’ Kartoffelsalat. Sex and Drugs
    and Kartoffelsalat!

  13. here he is for your viewing pleasure. /watch?v=hyeHAEK1ouk&feature=related

  14. That looks fantastic! I’d add some red onions for more color.

  15. try using Mustard oil with mashed potatoes… it’s the Indian way. Just
    takes everything to a whole new level!

  16. now thats some good lookin green ya got there chef jon lol

  17. mryungtalentedDJQ8

    Damn , im hungry :/

  18. oh, I am norwegian and i have never heard of this dish, but your spelling
    of “salad” is the same as ours, lol 😀

  19. liveandlovepassion

    weißt du, wie das grünzeug auf deutsch heißt? 🙂

  20. Thank you for the direct link to the recipe!

  21. Mustard greens are my favourite type of greens. They’ have such a nice
    punch to them when you cook them on their own. A little ham hock, I can eat
    the whole bunch. Too bad they cook down, so you have to get a lot.

  22. abductedbyaliens8892


  23. There are several reasons actually. Like with pasta it helps prevent it
    sticking to the bottom of the pan and each other, though it’s not as much
    of a problem with potatoes as it is with pasta. The main reason is that it
    adds flavor and actually helps it release some of it’s excess starch
    improving it’s texture. It also increases the boiling temperature slightly,
    reducing cooking time by a few minutes.

  24. My problem is i never could find these fancy ingredients D: Im forced to
    watch his delicious cooking without giving it a go T_T

  25. can you teach us new orleans gumbo next?

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