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Prevent Acne with the Right Lunch Box

Back in 2010, one research proved what everyone was doubting and fearing off – diet could very much influence the outbreaks of acne. Results, which were received from 6 clinical trials and 21 studies of observation, the milk from the cows increases the severity and prevalence of acne. People who consumed foods with high levels of glycemic were also prone to acne breakouts.

Later, some other researches were done, and they all showed how kids and teens who switched their eating habits, from eating a lot of bread and processed food to eating fruits, veggies, lean meat and whole grains decreased their acne breakouts significantly.

Many studies work on showing what foods are bad for kids who have acne problems. You can stop putting these in your kid’s lunch boxes and prevent acne problems.

  • Cow milk: This milk increases the sugar in the blood and this can lead to inflammation. The milk also spikes the insulin levels, which support the oil production in the skin. Also, the commercial milks all come from pregnant cows and this means it contains a lot of different hormones which can also influence the acne breakout.
  • Sugar: We all know sugar is bad for kids. This does not mean that you should avoid sugar and never again let your kid eat a cookie or two, but it means that you have to take care how much sugar you will allow your kid to consume. So, a candy bar and a soda in the lunch box are not really a good idea.
  • Food with high levels of glycemic: These types of food break down really quickly in the body and raise the levels of sugar in the blood and trigger the production of insulin. This leads to inflammation and to hormonal fluctuations which cause the acne. These types of food are white bread, white rice, cakes, cookies, potato chips, breakfast cereals and pretzels. What you should be giving your kid instead is fruits, vegetables, whole grains and sweet potatoes.
  • Junk and fast food: These food create body inflammations, high sugar levels in the blood and hormonal fluctuations.

Chocolate is another food which many people say it is causing acne. Scientists have also proven this and made some researches showing that there is indeed a connection between chocolate and the changes in the skin. Chocolate can even support a bacterial infection and make the whole acne situation even worse.

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