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Kids Lunches

Quick, Easy & Healthy – After School Snacks ♥

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  1. Where I can get the stabucks cup like yours ?

  2. Felicia Fjellborg Grape

    Are you fr.o.m. Sweden?

  3. Yummmmmmmy


    Apples or bananas with peanutbutter is really goooooood <3

  5. Are u from Denmark? :-)

  6. I made the melons and the late and the banana and apple and the milkshake❤️
    I love them all! Thankyouu so much i love you

  7. My shirt that’s supposed to be tight is loose on me now.
    How???? it’s only been a week! I just ate a healthier breakfast.. and

  8. You love bananas

  9. You’re so crap with a knife

  10. you sound so much like marzia

  11. vilma njord-westerling

    Jag tror du är från
    SVERIGE NORGE ELLER DANMARK! I think you are from Sweden Norway or Denmark

  12. u are awesome I need some healthy snacks :)

  13. MichelleIsDivergent

    are you Russian?

  14. Frederik Østergaard

    Økologisk is danish

  15. Men ser jag en ICAs egna varor-produkt

  16. 4. Was perfect!! Looks amazing! I thought i might give it to my mom for
    mothers day…. 😀 luved the vid <3

  17. does anybody know any videos on DIY pumpkin spice lattes

  18. You’ve inspired me a lot !


  20. the watermelon would taste amazing with sugar and its amaz i mean it

  21. These snacks are all healthy and delicious. :3 Definitely going to try them
    all! Btw, where did you buy that apple slicer thing? It looks so cool! :D

  22. you totally sound like cutiepie 

  23. You are beautiful and sweet!

  24. Vad heter låten? ;)

  25. Would it kill you to peel a banana like a normal person

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