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Kids Lunches

Quick & Healthy Breakfast + Lunch Ideas!

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  1. Can I substitute the coconut almond milk with coconut oil and unsweetened
    almond milk? 

  2. Maria Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele

    For the salad, my friends allergic to pine nuts, what would you recommend
    as a substitute?

  3. Yummy! Btw do you know where you can buy agave oil? Also could you do a
    video about quinoa dishes?

  4. If you are from Poland, please tell me, where I can buy agave nectar 🙂 

  5. I cant have milk is there anything i could use as a substitute?

  6. I don’t have more than half of these ingredients in my household.

  7. this looks just like heykayli’s previous kitchen just updated


  9. What is her real name?

  10. I can’t have almond milk, pine nuts or sesame seeds! What can i use

  11. Can I use stevia/trivia instead of agave? If so, estimated measurements? I
    really wanna try this, but I don’t really like the taste of agave or honey

  12. What’s with the almond miley everywhere what’s wrong with normal milk 🙁 

  13. What is something I can replace with rice wine vinegar? 

  14. Guys… how much oatmeal do you think went into the smoothie? I’m always
    kinda picky on measurements and annoyed that they didn’t say how much D;
    (especially since it’s one of the main ingredients!)

  15. What can I substitute kale with? I can’t always get my hands on kale over
    here.. and I don’t think I will get the same result using frozen kale.

  16. Are these healthy for you? 

  17. I don’t have a twitter

  18. What happened to Food for Thoughts Claire! That is the first cooking show I
    watched and it made me want to be a chef when I grow up!

  19. Anyone else think this was lana del rey

  20. I just made the green smoothie!!! it is soooooo YUMMY! I feel so good
    drinking it!!!

  21. She looks like Lana Del Rey, btw nice video

  22. A many’s videos that so easy but its very nice 

  23. That soba noodle salad looks SO good!

  24. Her name is claire tomas? Lol my friends name is claire tomason!!!

  25. how old are you

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