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Kids Lunches

RAW CHEESY KALE CHIPS- lunchbox snack :) | dara dubinet

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  1. that is quite a bit of salt, is it more to taste or does it have to have
    all 5 tsp of salt

  2. Btw the way Dara, the correct pronunciation is TUR-mer-ic not to-MER-ic.
    The accent is on the first syllable and it has two r’s. :)

  3. Making this recipe a second time right now 🙂 Thank you Dara!!

  4. i love this recipe!!!!!!!!!!gunna try it when i get my excalibur

  5. I do a similar one but dont use the oil…just cashews for a source of fat.
    I also blend with it a yellow or orange bell pepper, which adds flavor and

  6. I love it
    Best recipe for raw chips

  7. Really good Dara I made mine in the oven, on lowest temp and the door
    propped open thanks so much. I also used Dino Kale I haven’t tried the
    curly kale yet.

  8. Love it!

  9. What a sweetheart! So cute

  10. you are welcome. enjoy the process and the chips! 🙂

  11. i have a question, what do you eat when you go out or to someones house for

  12. dara where u at girl?!?!?

  13. @jeecreative haha. that is so sweet!

  14. @davidjohn83 cheers!!!

  15. @KathyJAshley great, great, GREAT!

  16. OH MY GOSH, i just realised i bought silverbeet instead of kale :(((( Do
    you think it will still work??

  17. Where did you get that large silver bowl from?

  18. @daradubinet i have slight obsessive and compulsive issues, you see! so
    they were upsetting me slightly as they weren’t arranged with structure!!
    offit i know! : but now i know their purpose, i’ll be able to let this
    go!! 😀 – peace

  19. @balletdancer247 You can try sunflower seeds, but you might need to use
    more oil because cashews are much more fatty than sunflower seeds. You’ll
    also need to soak them longer. I can’t guarantee this will work because
    I’ve never tried cheesy kale chips before – I normally just drizzle kale
    with olive oil, dehydrate and eat them plain.

  20. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with me! : )

  21. is there anything i can use to sub the nuts as i am allergic to all nuts!?

  22. I wish I had a bigger kitchen, Trying to make RAW food in the worlds
    smallest kitchen can be quite challenging! 🙁

  23. @91Gamalex yes, pine nuts and honey or dates with salt.

  24. Hi, do you have a list of this kale chip recipe? Tahnk you so much.

  25. @1me2b4u thank you. i am so glad you and others like them. good way to get
    people happy about raw 🙂

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