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Kids Lunches

Rice Krispie Treat Balls – Fun Snacks for Kids – Weelicious

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  2. Thanks for the idea for a treat

  3. Such a fun way to make Rice Krispie treats!

  4. Hi Catherine! I love this kind of treats for kids and adults too. This
    weekend i will make them with my kids. Could i use honey instead of rice

    Have a wonderful day,


  5. I wish she was my mom…….

  6. I live for sparkles. Love the dress and I love that you find healthy
    alternatives for your kids.

  7. This looks very delicious! Second. I’m going to try this out

  8. my kids love peanut butter! they will love it 🙂 we have to make it
    together! in our schools (Canada) we cant send kids with anything peanut
    unfortunately but they can still enjoy it at home! Thank you for a great

  9. Yay I’m called Chloe as well

  10. Great

  11. Lmao she said “balls are so much more fun!!”..”huge balls,big balls, any
    size you want” Lml am I the only one that thought dirty lol.. But put that
    aside this is actually very creative and I might make this. *thumbs up*

  12. i love rice krispy treats my favrite 

  13. looks great! i love this recipe, you can monitor the amount of sugar .
    Supermarket brands are wayyyy to sweet

  14. I tried these and they are sooooooooooooo good

  15. How fun and delicious, I sure am trying this

  16. Wat a coincidence I made it the before day u uploaded with the same

  17. These are soo good.

  18. By chance, how many rice crispies are in this recipe? 

  19. Did you cook peanut,almond butters equal portions and brown rice syrup
    together or just mix them

  20. What a fun cooking project for kids to do! I wish I could make these with
    my preschool class but it is a nut-free school. ;(. Great video!

  21. I’m a kid but your recipes are so easy even I can do them I am a girl 

  22. Could the rice krispie’s be substituted with Cheerios.

  23. Cute

  24. Huge balls, small balls, what ever balls you want… LOL!

  25. I am allergic to any kind of nuts

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