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Kids Lunches

Salad Recipes – How to Make Asian-Style Coleslaw

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  1. zandra grace penrad

    Can I just use a regular white vinegar?

  2. I have just made this it was sooo yummy just like restaurant style , thanks
    so much 

  3. Your recipe is Awesome !!!!

  4. radicalaccounting

    Looks delicious and made with so much love. Going to try it this week.

  5. I love thr music lol but this recipe im going to try

  6. yummy 

  7. I wud like that without dressing so yummy n colourful

  8. In Cambodian, this dish is.called “Nhorm”.

  9. Yummy looks healthy

  10. gado-gado aslinya memang salad orang chinese. masuk ke indonesia melalui
    akulturasi budaya tionghoa dengan etnis betawi. etnis betawi sendiri
    dikenal memiliki campuran budaya tionghia.

  11. nice… although i hate sweet so i would probably replace most of the sugar
    for lime juice.

  12. Second

  13. In indonesia..i think that is gado-gado.. Karedok.. Or pecel..

  14. looks delicious… will definitely try.

  15. So most of our local supermarkets do not sell rice wine vinegar. (They do
    sell White/Red wine vinegar though) Can i substitute this for something
    else or is it ok if i miss this dressing ingredient?

  16. Thank you for your question, Katrina. If you can’t find rice wine vinegar,
    we’d recommend using regular white wine vinegar as a substitution. Rice
    wine vinegar tends to be a bit more mild, so you might want to reduce the
    amount of wine vinegar you’ll use. Enjoy!

  17. We don’t have a video, but we do have several recipes on our site for
    American Chop Suey. We will add this to our suggestions 🙂

  18. do you have american chopsuey video

  19. wwooww feel hungry so much..

  20. I do like the Cambodian version myself but I think this is a nice summer
    side as well. I do like putting some red chilies into this kind of dish but
    looks delish!

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