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Shrimp & Pasta Shells Salad – Cold Macaroni Salad with Shrimp Recipe

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  1. What is a decent mayo substitute for things like this?

  2. Such an awesome shrimp & pasta salad recipe, in taste. Me & my family can’t
    seem to get enough of it this Summer. I’m still making more and more & the
    summer is nearly over… I just love macaroni salad and this recipe is just
    on top. Tysm for this recipe, probably will continue making it wayyyyy
    after the summer is over…

  3. Finniest guy on the internet.

  4. thank you for the recipe. I will try it for sure.

  5. You are hysterical! I love the word spatulize! Good one. 

  6. I wish I had a husband who cooked like you.

  7. I want to make this but maybe put pepperoni in it…hmmm that might be
    gross, hahah

  8. I personally can’t enjoy seafood. That’s just me. I hope the rest of you
    enjoy this recipe though.

  9. Yum-diggity. :-D

  10. this looks yum ! gonna try it now

  11. Can you take it in a cooler for a picnic?

  12. oh cool thanks!

  13. Just because you love a person, doesn’t mean to want to have sex with that
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  14. omg lol your made up words

  15. It would actually be helpful to see what he has and would advise us to
    always have on hand in the fridge or pantry and what pots/pans/utensils he
    has that he recommends for us to have also. Plus, it sounds interesting to
    me, on a personal note. : )

  16. He has done a video where he shows his face

  17. Oh, my word, Chef John! Once again, you have given me a great recipe! This
    is wonderful!

  18. I don’t know…perhaps it should bother you that in this modern day and age
    where information is at your fingertips, someone out there still can’t tell
    if something is cooked or raw? Perhaps it should bother you at how
    discouraging it is that humanity have become so out of touch with basic
    knowledge that is basic food preparation? That people become less and less
    well-rounded? That you can serve some staphylococci-infested raw shrimp to
    Rahil and he’ll eat it because he’s so clueless?

  19. No, that’s lethal.

  20. good好看又好吃的感覺

  21. Hello folks, ok I have a great suggestion for this salad. DO NOT rinse the
    pasta with cold water to cool it down, two reasons why. It will make the
    pasta too mushy, and the hot pasta will absorb water instead of the
    dressing. Now the better way is to drain the pasta very well, and then
    spread it out on a big tray VERY well. There should Bo no pasta touching
    and one layer only.if you like you can put a small amount of olive oil on
    the pasta in the tray to keep it from sticking. Then add dressing

  22. I made this for the 4th of July and I kept thinking “I did something
    wrong”. Now I see what it was, I just served after chilling in the fridge
    and didn’t adjust it. Dang it, guess I will re do it.

  23. Cooked shrimp are pink shrimp. Raw shrimp are grey/brown. Hope this helped
    : )

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