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Kids Lunches

Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas!

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  1. Seriously this is amazing

  2. squash is so nasty
    life is too short to eat squash instead of real noodles

  3. You look like Sadie from awkward

  4. I’ve never tried spaghetti squash before… Could anyone tell me what it
    tastes like?… Just out of curiosity if I was ever gonna try it. Thanks!:)

  5. I kinda think you shouldnt cook with long sleeves on what if ur sleeves
    catch on fire wen u dangle over the pots/pans or when u reach over to the
    back burner??.

  6. Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas!!!!

    #organicfood #dinner #healthy #healthyfoodideas #food #healthyfood

  7. why do you eat such low carb with your dinners? In most of them theres not
    nearly enough calories for that to be considered a full meal.

  8. The spaghetti squash was really cool , never saw it before

  9. Not sure if anyone mentioned this but you don’t need to flip meat on a
    george forman grill. It should be cooking both sides at the same time so
    you can just leave it closed for the whole time. 

  10. Bree, i love you! You are so inspirational and i love how you are so
    independent! Keep up the healthy living lifestyle because its so amazing!

  11. I love your makeup in this video ;)

  12. Yay I have been waiting for you to do this video! I’m so going to try the
    spaghetti squash recipe! 


  14. OMFG I have the same grill as u

  15. Already commented about how amazing this video is but i also wanted to add
    that I make your avocado ketchup egg sandwich EVERYDAY!! i just got this
    new balsamic ketchup from heinz and it makes the sandwich even more
    amazing! definitely try it out!!

  16. More videos like this please!!

  17. Any alternatives to cooking the squash in a microwave? Could be wrong, but
    I feel like it’d be losing some of its nutrients that way, no?

  18. I love ur videos but I have a question what if we don’t like fish or any
    seafood and or we are elergic 

  19. I no that this video is old but love thisss

  20. Awesome, thanks for sharing your recipes!! (: 

  21. I hate this add!!!!!

  22. Where are your carbs? :o

  23. you do realise that there are practically no carbs in these recipes right?
    This is really unhealthy. This video should be called “Simple Weight-loss
    Dinner ideas.” This isn’t healthy.

  24. I made the spaghetti squash and meatballs, and it came out amazing! My
    squash wasn’t quite as photogenically pasta-looking as yours, but it was
    still delicious. I made the meatballs with lean ground beef since I’m on a
    budget, and added onion, garlic, and season all. With the sauce,
    everything came together quite nicely! Thanks for this recipe!

  25. Do you defrost the fish first?

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