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Healthy School Lunch which Kids Like

Your kids love it when you take some extra time to make their healthy school lunch box even more special than it already is. For some, this means leaving some cute notes in the boxes for their kids to read when they start eating and for others it’s the sweet stuff and the desserts that mean the most to the ...

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Cool Healthy Ingredients for Lunch Boxes

Are you stuck on deciding what to put into your kid’s lunch box? You want to use cool healthy ingredients but feel like you’re running out of ideas? The internet is full with many brilliant ideas and recipes that can help you in preparing the lunch box for your kid. The most important thing is to have healthy ingredients, but ...

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Healthy Lunch Box that Looks Delicious

Pack a healthy lunch box for your kid that also looks and tastes delicious. Do not be afraid to use leftovers from last night also, because they can make up a great meal for your kid and still keep the healthy ingredients. 1. Walnut Scones You’ll need: 225g flour Baking powder, 1tsp Butter, 50g Walnuts, 50g Whole Milk, 150ml One egg ...

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