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Kids Lunches

The Elusive Veggie-Loving Kid | Whole Kids | Whole Foods Market

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  1. cuuuuuuute!

  2. What a charmer! And that’s a great way to get kids interested in veggies –
    ask them to design their own salad bar! Congrats to the videographer, as
    well as the parents!

  3. Check out Ann Cooper’s Lunchbox program (chefann.com) – she’s working to
    get salad bars in every school! check her out on TED.com
    (TED.com/talks/ann_cooper_talks_school_lunches.html) and remember to make a
    donation the next time you’re at Whole Foods. Rock on Whole Foods, too, for
    supporting this cause – we need our big companies and corporations to
    continue to support and give back like this. Thanks for leading the way!

  4. this is great!

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