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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SALAD PREPPING IN A MASON JAR (How to pack the perfect salad in a jar)

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  1. BakingMadGymAddict

    You asked for it on my Facebook page and so here it is! I hope you love
    the video and that it helps someone. Feel free to share with your salad
    prepping friends so that you can prep together! xXx

  2. I absolutely love this idea! Can not wait to start 🙂 thanks for sharing 

  3. Hiya I love this idea but im finding it hard to find a Mason jar that
    doesnt cost over £20 a jar… is it possible to use any band jar like
    kilner glass jars and how big does the jar need to be? :)

  4. Hiya, did you buy your red beans? Or did you cook yours then put it in your

  5. If we don’t have oven what to do??

  6. Can you do coleslaw in a jar and keep in frig?

  7. Schrödinger the cat

    On question, if I put shredded chicken, seitan or tofu in those salads (I
    don’t eat dairy or fish) will it still hold 3-4 days? :S

  8. Thats the best thing ever! Thank you. Iv looked at a lot of channels like
    this but yours is by far the best. We need more people like you in the
    world. I work 14 hrs a day and do Insanity every day. These meals will help
    so much

  9. awesome

  10. So helpful. Thank you.

  11. Love this idea, thank you. I like to eat my salad with chicken or tuna,
    could I put it on top or put seperate? How would you do it?

  12. If someone stole your hand bag at least they would eat healthy LOL

  13. Hi sorry to ask.. what kind of beans do you use?

  14. I like your videos because they are thorough yet quick and to the point.
    Thank you so much. 

  15. Thanks for the video! This is also helpful to people that are on special
    diets due to medical conditions.

  16. Love your video! I can’t wait to make it. I subscribed and look forward to
    more videos

  17. Hi Lozza, thanks for such a terrific guide for salad jars! This will work
    so much better than what I’ve been doing (salad and vegetables in shallow
    containers) for years.
    Mason jars can also be found quite cheaply at garage sales and second-hand
    stores sometimes. The lids and rings can easily be mail ordered if they
    can’t be found locally.

  18. I love watching your videos!! You seem like such a positive & happy person!
    I wanna start meal prepping and your videos are so helpful! Thank you!!!! 

  19. Can These salad keep in the freezer?
    Thanks 🙂 you are amazing, regards of Perú 

  20. mmmm looks amazing! Beetroot, my fav.

  21. You are adorable! I LOVE how clear you are.Thank you!

  22. i’m trying this this week :)

  23. Belle Gemme by Lisa
  24. hi love this!!! Do the jars have to specifically be mason jars? 

  25. I’ve heard about this before, but this is the best I have ever seen it
    explained! Thank you so much for this! Can’t wait to get prepping! : )

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