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Tomato and Avocado Salad – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 188

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  1. Steven Blackburn

    Why do all cooks use table salt instead of Himalayan Salt, that has 84
    minerals the body needs? I am confused by why people use Toxic Table salt,
    that has been heated and damaged? 

  2. Add shrimp…!!!!

  3. That looks delicious. I’m making it as soon as I can get to the grocery

  4. Great lookN salad but everytime I make a great pasta salad with chicken and
    other veggiez all tha add inz fall to tha bottom of the bowl

  5. Perfect for a turkey sandwich!

  6. Yum!!!

  7. I’m working my avocado recipes tonight… first I start with the basic and
    by the end of the night…. it just might get interesting.

  8. mikayla Crawford

    I’m making this with steak fish

  9. would this be possible to make into an actual salad, and add spinach
    leaves? thanks

  10. You can make like her, but add a banana cut in small cubes, juice from 1
    orange, grated or also in small cubes, pepper salt and olive oil.

  11. Thank you Laura for teaching me how to make this Avacado salad. I
    loooooove this and another video of yours was how to cook spinach. You are
    the best thank you.

  12. yummy!

  13. Tried it..added bell pepper nd a pinch of sumac..turned out awsummm…tanks
    a lot laura..

  14. I think you need some more avacado and tomato for your salt 

  15. It was delicious 🙂 

  16. Looks great! Love your presentation 

  17. Keishnaly Torres

    Ugh I can’t stand mexican avocado is no little and flavor less, instead I
    used the one my dad send me from puerto rico, did not used salt, delisious

  18. do you need to eat this fresh? or would it be possible to take on a pic nic
    in a cooler bag, just wondering how long the lime juice would keep the
    avocado from browning, thanks 🙂 x

  19. Do we need to add oil? 

  20. antonino alegria

    Healthy, good source of protein. 

  21. *Tomato and Avocado Salad*

  22. Laura, I cannot find fresh Cilantro anywhere here. What else can I
    Substitute for it?

  23. I made this today:-) so yummy! The only change I made was to add cumin
    powder! we loved it<3

  24. Great. Video right to the point cook with a lot details and information
    The salad it something, my grandma used to do back home
    Now most of my family they don’t know how to do it they buy salad in
    package lol

  25. I will try it 🙂
    But instead of tomato try to use orange … sooo goood :P

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