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Top 10 Protein Sources, Healthy Vegetarian & Meat Foods, Weight Loss Nutrition Tips | Health Coach

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  1. some guy in the last video i watched said that nuts being a source of
    proteins is just a myth…nuts are a source of good fats and
    yogurt,milk,cheese are sources of carbs…they are not a source of
    proteins….and you say something else…man this is so befuddling

  2. Nutritionfacts.org debunk that eggs are that good for us.

  3. But wild fish have higher levels.of mercury in then though

  4. Vera Graña Cassano

    Meat Proteins are definetely unhealth.

  5. I ABSOLUTELY cannot lose weight when I eat eggs, cheese, fish or meat, even
    if the dairy is removed completely from my diet I GAIN WEIGHT from these
    foods, even with increased excercise! These foods turn straight to fat
    unlike nuts, seeds or avocadoes. That said I understand other people’s
    bodies are not like mine. I’d advise them to be very careful with these
    foods particularly as they age and the metabolism slows: these are some of
    the No.1 reasons middle-aged people get fat! People have to find the right
    dietary formulation for their bodies whether Plant-Based or more
    Animal-Based. Peace.

  6. Thank you for the information provided in this video. Very helful.

  7. Keep up the good work Corrina! These vids are my crash course in

  8. She has sexy lips

  9. “grass fed” and ”free range” mean nothing because the factory farms only
    have to have open windows and other meaningless accommodations to use the
    wording. If you really think the animals are munching happily away in the
    green pasture, you are very naive.

  10. Eggs are good for you. Gotta stop this whole egg paranoia!

  11. Nice tits I should follow ur tips ;)

  12. thanks for the info

    – via YtPak(.com)

  13. Rachel, thank you so much for all you do, you are a very kind and beautiful
    human being, may Karma reward you for all this blessing work you do, thanks

  14. I found this really helpful. Thank you 🙂
    I love almonds.

  15. hey psyche truth, ever heard of john mcdougall?

  16. I love your videos
    I love your accent and its interesting

  17. Search about it on google. Weight loss is a big problem for most of us when
    it comes to maintaining it.
    This book really helped me with some helpful tips on this and information I
    didn`t know so far. Lost my first 4 pounds in my first week. Taking action
    is the key! 

  18. Thanks. this really helps.

  19. Tell the editor to do a better job on the green screen.. Looks like she has
    green pasta on her head.

  20. To lose weight effectively and keep it off, you’ll want a long term plan
    instead of jumping from diet to diet.

  21. Thank you corrina 

  22. Was I the only one thinking about milk when watching this?

  23. Kayastha Iswor Lal

    To average folks who want to melt fat some day, Copy And Paste into Google
    Fat Blast Furnace so you can get started

  24. fantastic video 

  25. You’re soo borinnggg

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